ArchLabs Family Scrapbook


My wife’s orchids. Orchids everywhere.


Nice orchid house @nwg . You better like them right ! lol


At least I’m used to them.


Lol, yep , women with deco or whatever that


@philT That’s got to rank up with the all-time great pics! :joy: Cold and wet here.

@nwg Fantastic! Does your Wife have an education in botany or is this a hobby of her’s? I’ve heard, keeping orchids can be very difficult.

BTW, thanks fellas for sharing something personal. I can understand the reluctance of some not to. Because my family has shared the pics I will here on both Tweeter and Book-of-Face, I feel relatively comfortable doing so.


She’s a doctor, but probably prefers orchids to people. :wink:

I’m obligated to have social media accounts due to my work. Couple of pictures on a friendly forum makes no difference. :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Always helpful to have a Physician in the house, I should think. Coincidentally, mine is well into her doctoral program (Forensic Psychology).

We married well @nwg :slight_smile:


Wow wow wow. Love it.


Haha. Thanks man. Heat does strange things to me!


A walk last week in my city. Close to home. I will try to put some picture in which I appear


Nice place that you live in @Negata


The ancient Cuenca


Yeah it is! Youngest brother just toured Europe and bragged… Sorry, showed us endless pics from the trip on NY. Spain and Austria were my personal favorites. The Spain countryside, reminds me a lot of California.


lol, we have a saying here in French that when one wants everything or something alike( trying to translate here) wonder if it can be said in English that; We don t have any castle in Spain,


In fact the climate is very similar. I’ve not been to California, but I sure would feel at home.
I was born in a town in La Mancha (You remember Don Quixote?).


Been lots of times in the States when driving big trucks over the road, & I ve read that the States as almost something from everywhere else on hearth as it s a big country, must say it s pretty true.


Absolutely, was that his origin?


Looks like it @Glenn


I understand the saying, although it is the first time I hear it. @altman next time you have to say: ‘My Spanish friend gets us one’

For me French is one of the most beautiful languages together with Greek and Italian, even though I am from Spain


Will have to remember that saying. @Negata

lol, well I hated learning French when going to school I must say ! lol So many things to learn.