ArchLabs Family Scrapbook

That looks very nice @Negata.

Monday at work.


Nicee, one guy 4 girls !

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So when my wife said she wanted to go to the art fair, she forgot to mention that it was the Dragon Renaissance Fair. Pretty good time. Found out my oldest is rather lethal when it comes to throwing a battle axe (at stumps anyway). After catching some half-way decent Shakespeare in the Park, the oldest and I headed over to the battle arena. She’s not so lethal with a sword (kicked her butt); after dispatching her, I took on the Blue Knight. The guy was not prepared for my aggressive Jedi-style. I beat him 3-2 in the best out of 5.

Not bad for an old (57) geezer; although kind of stupid on my part. It was 100F/38C today, and, for a moment, I thought I gave myself heart attack #3.


Looks like you had a blast in there @PackRat (Was too hot & humid for me ! )

Love the Jedi-style move ! lol .Also be carefull concerning the heart-attacks !

Congrats on the score !

A bevy of good looking girls there @nwg
@PackRat looks like fun man.

lol, I would have a hard time getting concentrated !

Haha! If only they were a little quieter… :wink:


lol, well that s something we can t do anything about right !

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