ArchLabs Family Scrapbook


That looks cozy.


Yes, it is a friend’s house. When I visit him, I always sit there, by the fire


Alright fine… one of my early morning and more “glamorous” shots with Zoey. Now, y’all don’t get jealous of how ungodly handsome I am, lol


My darling and I at my brothers wedding.

This is the view (not me and Vic of course :)) he wakes up to everyday.


This was on our grandmother’s 95th birthday. She is my cousin.


Nice pix in there @Negata @Chris @Dobbie03 !


Thank you sir @altman. For me it has been a step. I’ve spent a few years with a severe depression. Now I see myself in these pictures and I say to myself: “You got it, live in peace, warrior, the war is over”


Glad to know you went over it mate !


@altman It’s hard to explain, but it’s nice to enjoy the little things in life again.


Well , one has to imagine it somehow ! It takes courage I guess. Keep it on mate.


Dang … you clean up pretty sharp there @Dobbie03.

'Course I have to say Vic makes you look that much better. :wink:


@Negata I must say you have an appealing face – very approachable.
A kind of " Don’t I know you from somewhere?" face.

And my word your cousin easily could pass for your own sister.
Thanks for sharing!


My wife and I:


Yes she does, no argument from me there.

@sevenday4 I see you!


Nicee @sevenday4


Thanks sir @McQ


Yeah, I’m the short one!:joy: My wife didn’t realize how tall I am compared to her until we took this picture. By the way, she’s 5’8"!:grin:


My wife’s birthday. I forgot to take a picture, but a year ago we had gone to the very same place. :slight_smile:


You wearing the 6 or 8 inch stilettos in that picture? :joy_cat:


Wait… I got flip a coin. Heads 6" tails 8"… :joy: