ArchLabs Family Scrapbook


Ok so, thought I’d open this topic for those who wish to share a lil’ bit of home.

Please only share what you may feel comfortable with the entire webz seeing.

ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)

Nice pix in there @anon37345411. Thx for sharing these.


Thanks, been seeing a few home pics here and there on the forum… Thought there might be a good cause for this topic. :slight_smile:


Good call I guess.


Come on people, post home related pics here instead of elsewhere in the forum

ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)

Alright @anon37345411, this is what you wanted :rofl:


Hahaha! but yeah! :joy:


More seriously: my wife’s sisters husband (whatever you call them) and I like cycling:


lol, after a big ride right ! The 1st one I mean.


Awesome :slight_smile:


@nwg, love cycling too and if I were in a more urban area, would bike everywhere :slight_smile:

Problem is, we’re way out in the country (closest home’s even a mile away). So, just ride with the wife on Sundays. :slight_smile:


I only ride a bike for pleasure: the farther from the city, the better. But I’ve wasted the last year, not traveled even 1000 km. Must fix it as soon as spring comes.


Me going nuts in the 40 degree C heat while painting the front deck


Happy camper ! lol Nicee @philT


At work, w/ office colleagues (outdoor event).


lol you know how geeky someone is when they say they’re outdoors when they’re sitting inside something :crazy_face:


Just a tent :slight_smile:


lol, nicee!


My wife’s orchids. Orchids everywhere.


Nice orchid house @nwg . You better like them right ! lol