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Who would of known… just found this, and it has 440 members.



Are you serious?! Considering how FB is a privacy nightmare.

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Yeah - FB is the evil of all evils. I have an account there but have not accessed it in a year.

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Just saw it there…I was surprised. I don’t mind privacy issues on FB because I don’t put anything private on there.



Yeah, I have an account also, but it has been three years since I did anything with it. I thought it was creepy how people just put their life and secrets out there for all to see. This was of course before FB got caught selling people’s info.



So true, wonder what s the deal telling everyone what s happening or not on their lives.

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Fucking Facebook



lol, good one in there @ector

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New Zealands privacy comissioner hit the point on spot :slight_smile:

Facebook cannot be trusted,

wrote Edwards.

They are morally bankrupt pathological liars who enable genocide (Myanmar), facilitate foreign undermining of democratic institutions.

[They] allow the live streaming of suicides, rapes, and murders, continue to host and publish the mosque attack video, allow advertisers to target ‘Jew haters’ and other hateful market segments, and refuse to accept any responsibility for any content or harm.

They #dontgiveazuck wrote Edwards. He later deleted the tweets, saying they had prompted “toxic and misinformed traffic”.

But I have to say I missed facebook sometimes, when I almost surrounded the iberian paninsula with my bicycle in winter '17’18. I made at least 8000km in 3 month and met a lot of travellers who always connected via facebook.

But I am done with facebook since I discovered in back 2015 how they embed link previews of so called “news” sites, virtue signalling “official press release”, “truth” and so on,making them looking something serious. My thoughts back then were this is obviously a big shift towards 1984, and entering a new level of information superriority can only lead to a fake news society making the sheeps even more chicken. The word fake news didn’t exist back then, or I never heard it, but the concept is old, or how senator Hiam Johnson said: “The first casualty of War is Truth”!

Sure there were alway lots of trash, as on any given platform where showmanship meets attention flipping short time communication, resulting in unreflected filter bubbles inside well biased echo chambers while triggering the common ADHD parts of any involved mental entity.

But any platform given to this milieu, where any random idiot can feed his random alternative bullshit facts site to be embedded in a manner looking somehow like a serious press release inside the facebook chronic can only lead to a fake news society.

Sorry for being off topic to express my rant :pleading_face:



I hear all of you, but Facebook can be a very useful tool still. Let me explain my case…

I’m a combat veteran, at least 80% of my contacts on Facebook are people I served with. It’s the main way we can keep track of each other. If one of us needs help, we can get the message out quick and we all have each others backs.

I do not know of an alternative platform we can do the same thing…let alone convince a bunch of non technical people to move to.

If you haven’t heard the statistic… plus or minus - 22 Veterans commit suicide per day. Quite a few of the guys I have served with have done so already. For us, it’s an incredible tool to one, spot someone going down the rabbit hole, two, to reach out to each other regularly to make sure our buddies are doing ok.

Of course I would prefer a more secure platform, but this is where the guys are. I know how to cover my own arse on there, so I think it’s worth using for me. If you know what your doing it’s not really a danger. I think we would be better off educating folks how to keep their info to themselves and what is safe to share and what you shouldn’t. It’s how people use it now that makes it so bad.

my 2 cents.



I understand @TimApple why you would want to use FB to keep in touch with your buddies. BTW thanks for serving. The issue comes with those who should take their clients important information safe but, instead manipulate the vulnerability of said clients with their sensitive information.



Yeah, I keep most personal info off FB. Only very general stuff,

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A good thing I must say @TimApple .

Edit: Guess on some situations as yours it s pretty useful for connecting with other vets with FB, keep it on mate.

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Excuse me but skype is not better than facebook even if on skype the privacy is not better than facebook.
Has it improved with the new version?
Although I am against wars

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facebook is a big no no in my book. Will never entertain it, they allowed the likes of Brendon Tarrant to upload a massacre. The platform should be shutdown for that imo. Plus many other horrible stuff they allow on there like muslim extremist beheadings and other violent videos from around the world, they are like a repository for hate.



You can do the same amount of typing and correspondence with email groups. I sympathise with you but facebook shouldnt be seen as a means to an end, you all need to branch out a bit, adapt and overcome is a very familiar catch phrase of the military where i am and i have family members there too.

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The issue is moving a bunch of people who could give a damn about the subject. A very small percentage of the world have these concerns or care enough to make the change. So I need to make the choice, if it is worth it to me to stay on the platform. In my case it is. I just try to educate people about what can go there and what shouldn’t. It’s similar to trying to talk people off of Gmail, it’s not going to happen in any large fashion.



Its all you can do Tim, im not one for twisting peoples arms either, rather show them facts and let them decide for themselves.



This is the problem with our world. If doesn’t affect someone directly they generally couldn’t give two shits.

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