ArchLabs Dual Screen Boot Issue

I’m having a bit of an odd time with dual screens and booting Archlabs. I’ve added a video link so see what exactly is going on when it boots. With both screens plugged in AL will not “boot” into the desktop. The screen will have a bit of an issue and go white. If I go single display it’s fine but having to remove one montior each boot isn’t optimal :slight_smile: Any ideas what could be causing this? Haven’t seen this before. So I’m kinda not sure where to start… check out the video for the example.


What GPU do you have? Do you have any other config done after install relevant for this issue (xorg config etc.)

I wonder if this is an ASUS laptop. If so, the xf86-video-amdgpu drivers is prolly what you want AND, I’m curious, what login manager are you calling up (if any) and what DE/WM?

I’ve got an ASUS RTX2070. Did nothing to the config. Installed it and rebooted. White screen dealio.


No not a laptop but a desktop. Installed GDM and GNOME/Awesome/OpenBox… havne’t gotten to use them yet but those are installed.

Perfect, many recent nvidia cards have some issues like this due to not having the proprietary drivers installed.

Can you boot with just one screen? If not then try adding nomodeset to your kernel boot parameters.

When at the grub screen like shown in your video press e on the entry for archlabs, this will allow you to edit it for the current boot.

We want to add nomodeset to the end of the line.

Then press Enter to boot.

Once booted (assuming it worked) you’ll want to install the nvidia driver and utils, possibly set up an xorg config but we’ll deal with that if needed.

Which line do I add nomodeset at the end of? Never had to do this? Lol