Archlabs doesn-t boot after installation on Vbox

I succeded in installing Archlabs (latest build) in both VBox 6 and VMware6 (I got the welcome message), but when I reboot I get this and cannot continue:

What does it mean? Something went wrong, perhaps?

I am trying to install it on a recent DELL Precision.


What window manager or desktop env did you choose and installed ?
Did you opt for display-manager or xinit ?
For display manager type

systemctl is-enabled lightdm.service

if not then

sudo systemctl enable lightdm && sudo systemctl start lghtdm

and for xinit just type


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I cannot even boot into Archlabs. I’m simply stuck at the screen showed in my previous message, which appears after I am requested to input my name and password.

I carefully followed the instructions found in several YouTube videos, and this happens with bot VBox and VMware.

I don’t know if this helps, but the very last character shown in the terminal-like screen above is “%”.

You do not answer my questions … if you need help you should. this “%” means you are connected to your session. Did you tried


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./xinitrc start i3
(or openbox, or whatever you use)
That’s how I did for my first archlabs, now for this one I use startx.
If it doesn’t work can you do
cat .xinitrc && cat .xsessionrc
and show us?

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This is clearly not the case, in the image above you have a booted system that appears to be installed, and are mistaking no graphical interface for not booted.

I think going for a more beginner friendly distro is honestly a better option for now, don’t take this the wrong way, but you will have issues.

Feel free to use it if you really want to, no-one is going to stop you, but you won’t have a good time and “issues” like this will be ongoing.

With all that out of the way, get used to using a terminal constantly.

Post me the output of the following

pacman -Qs lightdm xorg-xinit

cat ~/.xinitrc

ls /etc/systemd/system

And tell me what choice you made during install (I only care about which login session and packages you chose, partitioning and other choices aren’t important in this case)


I can also confirm it does indeed boot to a graphical session and you likely didn’t pick one during the install.

If you tell me which you want (openbox, i3, xfce, plasma, etc…) I can post some commands to run that will install and setup so after reboot you reach a graphical interface.

My bad, I apologize with everybody. I thought I had made the various selections correctly, but I didn’t select the desktop actually (I didn’t actually use the spacebar to make selections).

Now Archlabs is up and running. I am a Linux beginner as you already understood, but not completely illiterate. In another PC I’ve got Manjaro in dual boot with Windows and it’s working well.

Thanks to all!