Archlabs does not login

Archlabs does not login

I did the installation, but after reboot I can not use.

Release: archlabs-2018.07.28.iso

Core 2 Duo E6700 4MB


I really want to install Archlabs, but I have the video problem.

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Did the “live” system work on your machine?

Does startx work from the console screen?

Is there anything relevant in the logs for LightDM or Xorg?

@Iserpes I left a comment on your video.

Since you’ve in tty1, I would do the following:

If you’re using a graphic card install the drivers.
Then sudo pacman -Syu
After updating, type startx.

Hope this helps.

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Live works normally, but the rest I have to check. I’m a beginner

I am not using graphics card. Is there another way?

@lserpes ArchLabs does not come with a display (login) manager and you apparently didn’t opt for automatic login during installation. At the end of your youtube video, when you can see the ArchLabs logo and a blinking cursor type…


and hit ‘enter’.

As @anon37345411 mentioned you can startx without the driver part. But I suggest that you still do:

sudo pacman -Syu

I had the same issue and this helped. I chose not to have auto login and this was the result.


Sorry for the misinformation OP, please ignore my reference to LightDM.