Archlabs can't start after installation

Hi guys, I hope that is the right section for this type of problem.

How to install version 2018.05 correctly? I tried to do it twice and got the same problem. The system can’t boot after installation, I mean I can choose it from grub menu but nothing else will happen(black screen, sometimes cursor appears but I can’t move it. Computer literally freezes, buttons on my case do not work, even button on the DVD recorder. I tried to do everything like these guys on youtube with version 2018.02 and noticed that installation does not show me that 512MB partition. Any ideas? I’m on desktop btw


Problem partially solved, just installed .02 version. Let’s hope that nothing going to happen during update

Solution: If you have problem with installation, just use older version of archlabs

Sadly not all versions install on 1st try , wonder why.