ArchLabs Blog is now at Medium


Our Blog has been hosted at Wordpress since we first kicked off the distro and I have felt for the longest time that we aren’t getting the traffic we should be. I noticed that Medium seemed to be the place to be so here we are!

Feel free to drop by and “clap” for us :smiley:

ArchLabs’ Brand New Home for Blogging and the like


Awesomeness, signed up and following :slight_smile:

Kinda nice and refreshing. It allowed me to use what’s left of my google account to sign up and didn’t ask for the weight of my first born, my blood type or my dog’s hair color :stuck_out_tongue:


The downside is that Medium has been throwing up windows to beg people to become paying members after you read 3 articles or something like that. Not to sound negative @Dobbie03, I get the desire for more exposure. Just adding a caution because I know people can find those pop-ups annoying. In fact, I’d love to help contribute to the blog.


It s something I noticed also @sikkdays


Yes, I knew about that. Good thing is blog posts aren’t a regular thing so that may curb that. I’m hoping that most internet users are like myself, I go to the blog post, read it, carry on with what I was doing. It has to be a pretty interesting article that catches my eye for me to explore the site more.

If it becomes a problem I will look into other options.