Archlabs? Any users with feedback?


Hello everyone,

Just curious who out there is using Archlabs - and would love to hear feedback on stability. I’ve not used Openbox yet but will dive in and try it out tonight. Seems to be some great feedback on Archlabs online but haven’t read much by real users…

Also can OB work on HiDPI screens? Is scaling easy enough?

Thank you!



Can’t help you with anything openbox specific or whether it works well with HiDPI screens but I can tell you that Archlabs is awesome and I have never had any issues with stability. Just browse the forum here and see for yourself. If you run into any trouble after all, you will most likely find help here in the forums. Great distro, great community. Have fun.

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Welcome to the forums, @adam77!
I only use AL for about 6 month now, but never had any issue and think the rolling release is a pleasure!

Sure OB can handle HiDPI monitors, take a look at xrandr and arandr, which is another GUI for xrandr.

I’d suggest you just try it out and if you experience any issues we are here to help!



Its a rolling release distro so make sure you are aware of how to update properly and especially how to make workable backups, but in saying that ive not had many issues with arch linux or archlabs for my use. Openbox is one of the better window managers out there imo and has a good user base who know how it works on a great level, so you should not have any issues getting help as far as openbox is concerned. Always check in with the archlinux wiki too, fantastic resource.



For the scaling, also read the arch linux wiki:

You can achieve any non-integer scale factor by using a combination of GNOME’s scaling-factor and xrandr. This combination keeps the TTF fonts properly scaled so that they do not become blurry if using xrandr alone. You specify zoom-in factor with gsettings and zoom-out factor with xrandr.

First scale GNOME up to the minimum size which is too big. Usually “2” is already too big, otherwise try “3” etc. Then start scaling down by setting zoom-out factor with xrandr. First get the relevant output name, the examples below use eDP1 . Start e.g. with zoom-out 1.25 times. If the UI is still too big, increase the scale factor; if it is too small decrease the scale factor.

This means you want to try these commands:

sudo gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 2

sudo xrandr --output eDP1 --scale 1.25x1.25

and maybe do some tweaking.

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Welcome @adam77!!

I’ve two computers with AL and they work very well. Now I use i3 and dwm, but I also used OB. This never gave me problems, only once with compton, but it was solved by updating. For me it’s a very stable and beautiful distribution.

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Hey @adam77 it’s a pleasure to have you. Just to set expectations. Openbox and i3 are great, but just be aware we are a very much tweak your settings manually type of distro. You will probably have to do some reading and get your hands dirty in some config files. But you will learn a lot and your desktop will be awesome!



Hi @adam77, we hope that you are having a great day. Once in awhile issues will pop up, especially if you’re tweaking your system or an update throws you a cure ball. I use timeshiftas a backup before any major updates or if I decide to do a major change in a function. If you really want to know Linux, this is the best distro for doing so. We also have great individuals in this forum that will help you out of a jam as well as ideas of tweaking your set-up. I use OB for the most part, and find it very solid with very little issue, except of course the ones I created of course. As mentioned earlier, the arch wiki and arch aur will be of great resources for answers and info. Also don’t forget the man pages as well. I have used arch vanilla, majoro, and antegos, and another not worth mentioning, as well as several debian based distros. This one comes on top.

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I think the best option is to set the display size explicitly with an Xorg configuration file:

That should work for all window managers.

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I have openbox on my laptop, which does have power, but why not use OB anyways? I love it based on how it looks with a nice theme. If you do not use some good themes it can look ugly AF, though. I have tried the usual settings from November 2018 and changed nothing great. I would argue it is the best distribution if you want to try OB.
Personally I do not have any good knowledge of OB, but the standard configs did the trick. Some stuff is a bit unpolished, but nothing too bad. So for example the computer does not automatically lock, when the lid is closed. I have to do that manually. I have not looked very into changing that. Also the display usually gets a bit less bright, when there is not input for a few minutes. Happens on YouTube as well, f. e. The screen does not go full black, however.
It is indeed very lightweight. All in all, it is a fun distro. The full disk encryption does work pretty well, I also have btrfs backups which I did not need yet. Seems pretty stable. I had only had a problem once in the half year since I started using the distribution.
Oh, and it is arch. So try to keep an eye onto the arch wiki. Btw, if you are using Duckduckgo: You can use a bang, a short string for the site you are searching on and a search term. If that search term is found, you get redirected to the website immediately, if it is not found, it used the search option of that wanted website and redirects you to that. So for example, if you want to search in the arch wiki you can use !aw searchterm.



thankyou guys!!!