ArchLabs Anniversary


I’m not huge on nostalgia regarding things outside of family etc but ArchLabs is special. Today, being the 1st of Jan here in NZ is the day that Toola and I made the decision to start work on ArchLabs. Back in 2016!

Two years, it doesn’t feel like it all. It’s been a hell of a ride so far.

I wish I had saved more screenshots to do a bit a historical tour. Oh well.

Thanks to all who participate with and use ArchLabs.


Wow, congrats on the 2 YO AL s BD @Dobbie03 .

Top work from the team.


And we as al-users have to thank you and smoke king and the others, because you guys and girls invest so much time and work in this awesome distro! THANK YOU!!

Glad to be a “labber”.



Same goes over here :smiley:


A truly excellent decision, that I for one am grateful for!


Glad you ventured down that path … Otherwise I would have to move there to smack ya one cuz I would still be using Debian :wink:


lol, good one @Chris

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I suppose I’ve made my feelings 'bout your project known privately. @Dobbie03 & @natemaia, thanks guys and congratulations :slight_smile:


Seems like it’s been 10 years man…Before you all start, It’s cuz I’m old :sunglasses:


I’m only three months with you. But I’m happy to celebrate this anniversary. I hope to read and write to you many more years. Congratulations team!


Was it only two years? Good grief! Now I know why time seems to fly! Being an old geezer, time seems to go by in the blink of the eye.


It is simply sensational to participate in such a project, free, open,
it’s from the heart, every word and every click on the keyboard was thought and today is real, be patient and as universal as possible in certain situations is not easy, deliver a product and many sometimes do not get a simple, hi! or thank you also is not easy but it is part, in all history the only difficult and complicated product is the human being, nobody buys credit or trust, this is won, and the rest is easy to deal with!

Congratulations to everyone, from the first to the last one that directly or indirectly participated and still participates, without exaggeration I say that ArchLabs is the best combination of kernel I have ever tried and it is my default system.

Long years for everyone and for the system!!
Thank you very much and sorry for the delay!
:grin: (without counting the translator’s mistakes)


Thanks for the kind words. :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words. :smiley:


Of course I am a fan boy and love the distro (i reckon I have been on board since the first release), but fuck words - - I offer you this:

Nuff said.

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Man that looks so good.

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Ohh how is it?

I knew the original owners before tuatara was sold to dB breweries. Mainly had their heff and their Pilsner

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This one is my favourite!

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Its got to better than the Moa Wild Coast Black Beer I am drinking now.


probably bro. I really rate this one.

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