ArchLabs 2023.01.20 Release

Top work again team !

Thx @Dobbie03


Installed without issue.


omg…i literally just installed AL on a PC and set everything up… :frowning:

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Well depending how customized your machine is it probably wouldn’t matter using the new iso. Just a pacman -Syu and your caught up with everyone. If you wanted the new defaults you could get them out of /etc/skel if need be.


Thanks to everyone on the team. Another step forward. :+1:

@cog I had a bunch skel update the other day. nice


Thanks :+1: :smiley:
Perfect timing, my Bro-In-Law is coming over for lunch tomorrow and is going to donate me his old Thinkpad (no idea which it is, but I always wanted one)
Guess what’s going on that :smile:

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sorry (sourceforge), there must be an elephant 'sitting on it. I have ‘fabulous’ 13.5 kB, like 1999… :money_mouth_face:

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Congrats on the new release! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the new release!


thanks for your work, why not offering p2p downloads btw?

Hey. So yesterday I got a brand new PC that already has Windows 11 on it. I wanted to do a dual boot so I started the typical process.
I was having so much problems especially. It kept stating the /boot is full and basically the command

arch-chroot /mnt bash -c 'mkinitpcio -p linux'

was not working.

I never had this problem with other install especially on a brand new PC (literally unboxed it, load up Windows to shrink volume, reboot and started up the AL installer).

I just created an additional partition with 2GB for the VFAT for /boot

It works not but I doubt what I did was actually the proper way to make it work.

any thoughts why this might be the case?

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Were you originally trying to share the Windows 11 efi partition? I’ve seen on other forums where that has caused issues.

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yup I was.

Pretty sure what you did was the proper method - path of least resistance anyway. The other issue is Windows 11 reformatting the efi partition during certain upgrades. So I think your safe.

Can you boot either OS now?


Good review indeed! Thanks for sharing

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Cheers to the team for the new release!

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I got it to work but the original /boot with the 100MB with the EFI boot launcher can boot into Windows but can’t boot into AL. The 2nd EFI boot launcher with the 2GB lol will run the 2nd time and can boot directly into Arch.

It is a workaround. I might…just MIGHT get rid of Windows completely on this lol


The Thinkpad is a T410s

I installed the new release yesterday evening - it’s a great release, thanks to all !!!

Really nice to have option of a live session or installer, neatly explained via simple text, and that session having very basic indications of DK bindings, just to get you going. Fabulous!

The Lappy came to me with Win 10 and Xubuntu dual boot already on it (I did this for my Bro-In-Law a while back now) which I wanted to take off completely and have ‘a nice clean ArchLabs only machine’

I had a problem with wiping and repartitioning the disk using the installer (no doubt due to my failings I am sure) but then it was so easy to boot into the live session, install Gparted and use that to repartition before using the installer for a flawless and quick straightforward installation :+1:

The live DK session set up how you have it now is perfect

As my daughter’s (amazing) primary school teacher used to say to the kids with associated actions,

'One thumbs up, Left :+1: , Two thumbs up, Right :+1: - GOOD JOB !!! :+1: :+1:

I also love the new wallpaper - who is ‘Will’ by the way?