ArchLabs 2023.01.20 Release

Hi Everyone,

We are happy to announce that ArchLabs 2023.01.20 is available for download. Read about the changes at the Release Notes page.

Download from the below links, we have recently added Cloudfare R2 as a download option to Sourceforge.

Cloudflare Download Links:
ArchLabs 2023.01.20 Cloudflare Download

ArchLabs 2023.01.20 LTS Kernel Cloudflare Download

To download the checksum .asc for the Cloudflare downloads please run the following command for your chosen version:


curl -o archlabs-2023.01.20-x86_64.iso.sha256sum.asc

2023.01.20 LTS:

curl -o archlabs-2023.01.20-x86_64.iso.sha256sum.asc

Or simply click the link and from the page that opens, right click and select “Save As”.

Sourceforge Download Links:
ArchLabs 2023.01.20 Sourceforge Download

ArchLabs 2023.01.20 LTS Sourceforge Download

Archlabs 2023.01.20 Checksum

ArchLabs 2023.01.20 LTS Checksum

As usual, if you encounter any bugs or issues please open a new thread.

Thanks to everyone for your support and don’t forget if you’d like to support ArchLabs financially you can at either Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee.


Good work guys. :+1:



Cloudflare link is much faster. Sourceforge sucks!


Top work again team !

Thx @Dobbie03


Installed without issue.


omg…i literally just installed AL on a PC and set everything up… :frowning:

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Well depending how customized your machine is it probably wouldn’t matter using the new iso. Just a pacman -Syu and your caught up with everyone. If you wanted the new defaults you could get them out of /etc/skel if need be.


Thanks to everyone on the team. Another step forward. :+1:

@cog I had a bunch skel update the other day. nice


Thanks :+1: :smiley:
Perfect timing, my Bro-In-Law is coming over for lunch tomorrow and is going to donate me his old Thinkpad (no idea which it is, but I always wanted one)
Guess what’s going on that :smile:

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sorry (sourceforge), there must be an elephant 'sitting on it. I have ‘fabulous’ 13.5 kB, like 1999… :money_mouth_face:

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Congrats on the new release! :slight_smile:


Congrats on the new release!


thanks for your work, why not offering p2p downloads btw?

Hey. So yesterday I got a brand new PC that already has Windows 11 on it. I wanted to do a dual boot so I started the typical process.
I was having so much problems especially. It kept stating the /boot is full and basically the command

arch-chroot /mnt bash -c 'mkinitpcio -p linux'

was not working.

I never had this problem with other install especially on a brand new PC (literally unboxed it, load up Windows to shrink volume, reboot and started up the AL installer).

I just created an additional partition with 2GB for the VFAT for /boot

It works not but I doubt what I did was actually the proper way to make it work.

any thoughts why this might be the case?

ArchLabs 2023: Das pure Linux-Erlebnis ohne Desktop und Dekorationen #Linux #OpenSource ComputerBase: "ArchLabs 2023: Das pure Linux-Erlebnis ohne Deskt…" - Mastodon


Were you originally trying to share the Windows 11 efi partition? I’ve seen on other forums where that has caused issues.

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yup I was.

Pretty sure what you did was the proper method - path of least resistance anyway. The other issue is Windows 11 reformatting the efi partition during certain upgrades. So I think your safe.

Can you boot either OS now?


Good review indeed! Thanks for sharing

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