ArchLabs 2022.08.21 Release

I’ve been pounding on it for days. Only found one very minor issue; natemaia is aware of it.

Sorry to see some of the DE go, but I understand the reason.



W/r to release notes: guess the name of the release should be 2022.08.21 :wink:

And, btw, great stuff, notes look like a lot of things have been slightly modified. Of course I’ll give it a spin tonight.


So many things to check and so many words to potentially miss. Thanks it’s all updated now.


Great News,

have a nice day, stephan


Great job @natemaia @Dobbie03 @PackRat @nwg

In case anyone has questions on verifying the .iso.

Verifying the ArchLabs .iso


Top work team !



I don’t think I have a need for the ISO, but glad that there’s another release.

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All DE and Sway sessions are removed?

Just checked the live dk session setup. It looks nice & runs very light. A few things may consider (of coz, my 2Cs),

  1. window board when having gaps. A single (1 pixel) or no board may look better. The double/triple boards look heavy and are wasting the window space.

  2. status bar. It currently has lemonbar. Changing to more popular polybar may be more appealing to new/potential AL users.

  3. status polling intervals. Its current settings maybe a little too short. It causes Xorg to hog CPU (6-7%) consistently.

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As far as #2 goes, the original AL bar was polybar, but it tends to break when some json files get updated so it was dropped. Polybar is in the AUR so a pre-compiled version had to be included in the iso. Could be broken on install if updated libjson files came in with the installation. So it was dropped.


It’s in community repo now.

$ pacman -Ss polybar
community/polybar 3.6.3-2
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Thank you team!


How long will the 2022.05.29 release continue to work? If one wanted to install the Xfce DE, for example. TIA.

You don’t have to rely on the old iso. Just install the DE pkgs from Arch repos and grep the AL skel pkg for the DE if you like AL’s default theming. The old skel pkgs are still available in,

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Far too much work. I don’t work hard for my computer, I want my computer to work hard for me.


Asking for a friend.

You can still use it to install ArchLabs, but I don’t think the DEs will be on the list since the first step is to update the installer.

You can still install Xfce (any DE) post-install. The last option in the installer is to enter a post install command. You can use:

pacman -Suyy foo1 foo2 foo3 ....

to install any additional files or DEs not listed. I use it to get some mate desktop files. Does xfce4 have a meta file that will get everything you want?


That’s true; although it can be easily tricked. Copy the installer to /tmp renamed ‘new’ (I suspect any file named ‘new’ will work). Skips the update check. I got to know the script pretty well.

My asking is largely academic. I’m seriously thinking of moving back to Plasma. The rendering is nicer. Thanks for the reply.

Edit: Tested; any file named ‘new’ will work.

Edit2: It’s even more interesting than I thought.
The installer is in /usr/local/bin; and when called, checks /tmp for a file named ‘new’. Not found it retrieves it via curl from bitbucket.

Using vercmp with the help of awk for some string manipulation,

if (( $(vercmp “$(awk -F= ‘/^VER=/ {print $2}’ /tmp/new)” “$VER”) > 0 )); then

copies it to /usr/local/bin/installer overwriting the existing installer; sets it executable, and runs it. Self modifying code?

Anyway, good fun.

This repo has long been discontinued “archlabs_repo” was a bit redundant and a year or so ago we moved to just “archlabs” GitHub - ArchLabs/archlabs: ArchLabs Stable Package Repo

The old skel packages are not in there anymore but the repo history is still a viable option to get them.

It won’t, the repo’s no longer contain the required packages, might get lucky with certain DE’s that we didn’t have anything for but I suspect they’ll all fail.

no it uses exec which forks so you’re running a completely different executable

Run the current installer and install a small session like dk then in the “Run command” menu option use

pacman -S plasma kde-applications-meta powerdevil

Then once the install is done and you’re prompted with the various files to edit choose the “login” option, in the .xinitrc change

exec dk

# to

exec startplasma-x11

After reboot you can remove the dk packages and configs from your home

pacman -Rnsc dk archlabs-skel-dk archlabs-lemonbar
rm ~/.config/dk