ArchLabs 2022.05.29 Release

Hi Everyone,

The latest AL release is available, once again vanilla and LTS kernels are on offer to download.

Release notes here. Any issues, you know what to do.



That s some great news @Dobbie03 .

Props to the team as for its development.


Two attempts. same results.

Have you tried skipping mirrors selection? Let reflector do the job.

It didn’t ask for mirror selection.

At the very beginning, easy to overlook.

Didn’t happen. Just tried it twice.

Give me a minute I’ll show you what I mean.

enter - installer -D
Font Size
Keep font?

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This. Don’t select anything.

In the dozens of times I’ve recently installed AL for all the testing I did, I’ve never seen that screen.
Live or in a VM.

Oh, wonder if it has to do with this release version since the installer has been updated a bit.

Well, dunno what to say. I see it every time on each machine. If I select mirrors in PL or neighborhood, the installer usually fails downloading packages.

This is weird.

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This might help the devs with this issue, thx for testing &sharing @eight_bit_al

Congrats on the new release. That’s quick!

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I saw this last night in Patreon. Nice work team members!!


I have but one complaint. Sourceforge is too damned slow.

1 hour, 45 minutes to go for a 700+ meg file. LOL

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Downloaded this morning. No glitches during install; both sway and dk working.

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