ArchLabs 2020.11.04 is available

Congratulations to the devs and maintainers and whoever else deserves the credit. The installer works flawlessly now and I was up and running in a few minutes. You really took the hassle out of the process.

In my previous attempt (the link is just for reference) there were some problems which forced me to use a beta ISO instead of the actual released one at the time to install successfully. Such problems did not occur this time and for me as a more casual (non-expert) Linux user this shows progress. Take this as my expression of appreciation for the effort you guys put in.


Thank you! I will be playing around more with these methods!

Thank you for the suggestions! The very first thing I tried was to go in from the grub screen and deleted the “rw” at the end of the kernel line. It booted right up. Now to make it persistent… and understand the ramifications of doing so (or changing it to “ro”). Lots to read.

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