ArchLabs 2020.11.04 is available

Hi Everyone

Our latest release is available to download. ArchLabs 2020.11.04 arrives six months after our last release.

Minimal changes but all release notes can be found here. This is our first release using the new Archiso build process.

Download and have fun.

Grab 2020.11.04 here


Oh nice. Downloading now.

Archiso is so clean.


Any feed back is appreciated :smiley:

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Top @Dobbie03 .

Thx for the hard work team.

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Downloaded and installed without issue.

Edit - ~/.zprofile installed as being owned by root. Easy fix.

Awesome, great work guys. Thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ll fix this later tonight, the installer updates itself so future installs shouldn’t have this issue.

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Hi Dobbie03 Great Job by the way! AL always have been a great distro! I have one question: Is Polybar included if I choose Openbox as my WM? Because I love how polybar was tweaked in older versions! Thanks anf keep the hard work!

Congrats on the new ISO being released. Will download and test. Are JWM and IceWM both available for installation through this new ISO?

Polybar is not the default panel for AL anymore, now it’s tint2. You can get the AL polybar config through the AL repos though (actually I’m not 100% if it’s still on the repos, @natemaia could confirm this).

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Many thanks @Dobbie03 @natemaia, :+1:
great job i will test a fresh install this week-end.

Only jwm.

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May be in 04.05.2021 ISO IceWM will be included as well

Probably not :smiley:

I’d prefer to see dk added before anything else.


dk ? :thinking: I’m not sure what is that

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Oh the " decay"

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So currently dk can only be installed from source on Archlabs?

Installed without a hitch, great job people!