ArchLabs 2019.10.28 is available for download

I noticed 2019.10.29 is up. Does it fix something and replace 2019.10.28?

Never mind, I got the answer from another post in Basic Help regarding a fix for inability to set up a separate /home or mount a partition without formatting it. :slight_smile:

:smiley: Yep you got it.

What is the default composite manager in the new release?

@Dobbie03, damn it! This latest Openbox of yours is without doubt the coolest to come out of ArchLabs. Yes I know it is a bit silly, but first impression is important, if you go eeh…naah… or feel blown away by it makes a difference in my opinion.

Sometimes it is really hard to tell why one prefer one thing over another, specially when it is easy to customize to what one prefer for oneself. You just do feel what you feel.

Anyway, love it! And the return of tint2! Great choice, I did try to get accustomed to polybar, but I never did, not sure why. Well see to what I wrote above for answer, sometimes things are just the way they are.

Thank you team, great work. Now back to the lab. :smiley:


compton 7.4-1
X compositor that may fix tearing issues

good work boys

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@Dobbie03 @natemaia and family, Thank you for all your work :muscle::muscle:!! You’re the best!


Congrats on the release! Will download later and see what’s good. :smiley:


Maybe this is a silly question but if I update via Pacman -Syu, my dotfiles won’t be touched, right? No overwriting all my carefully crafted config files?
I know I should just make backups, but anyway…?

Maybe try with this command, & see what it does;

Pacman -Syyu

Edit; Good idea on the backups @xsme . Something I don t do enough.

Guys! Always backup important stuff! Always!!! :nerd_face:

Or you might end up :rage:

Installed the 2019.10.29 iso and I must say “I’m impressed” It’s beautiful. One issue though. I chose to install kdenlive at install time and it pulled in almost the complete KDE desktop with lots of extra KDE applications. Why is that?

Yes sir, I m pretty good on these :rage: ! lol

They will be the dependencies required for Kdenlive, you can view the dependenices either at the Arch LInux packages site or use pacman

To try and make most everything within the editor work and look ok, it’s not very portable outside of plasma without a bunch of extras, they aren’t required by the arch package as deps but some things will be broken without.

My reasoning was if you’re installing kdenlive you likely want it to work as well as possible and don’t care about extra packages.

I should note that it’s been quite a while since I did a base kdenlive install to see if it’s still the same or if we can get away with less.


When downloading the latest iso following the “Get” link from the AL homepage one get 2019.10.28. But when downloading from within the AL project side at Sourceforge you get 2019.10.29.

Why this difference?

We pushed an update. I haven’t updated the main page.

EDIT: It’s all updated now.


Aha. Thank you. That explains a lot. Kdenlive works very well on the openbox version. Again, gratulations on this very well polished release.


Quick question. If you don’t select a terminal during install, which one will be default? Or are you left without a terminal then? Question is for an openbox install

Xterm is always installed and is the only thing you’ll get if you don’t pick one or choose dwm which gets you st

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