ArchLabs 2019.10.28 is available for download

Hi fellow ArchLabs Users.

Nine months after our last release, Nate, the team and I are happy to announce that 2019.10.28 is available for download.

Please read the release notes for more information

Thanks to everyone for their input, help and encouragement over the last almost year.



What a nice surprise you got here, thank you for all your work you do with ArchLabs.


Nice job team.

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Nice site, is that Jekyll’s Slate theme? Github Pages ftw!

Congratulations on the new release!

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Thanks, good job guys!

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I think it is that theme… not sure @natemaia chose it :smiley:

tint2 has replaced polybar as the default panel in the openbox and bspwm sessions


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I have downloaded and installed the newest image. Guys… I have never install a system so quick and with no problems. Damn, NICE WORK! The new installer is a simplified version of the old one and its really great. No one can ever say now, that the installer is too complicated, because it is not. THANK YOU Nate, dobbie and who ever make this possible.


Thx to the team for the hard work.

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Thank to team for the job

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Great, thank you :white_heart:

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Thanks to you all!
I don’t see a how to upgrade or pacman -Syu will do it all?
Or is this only for clean installs?

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sudo pacman -Syu

or, even better

$ baph -u

remembering that baph now needs to be installed seperately;

the baph script has been moved to its own package to install it run
$ pacman -S archlabs-baph

p.s. had to change i3-gaps config from to rofi_run recently.


Never heard of

$ bath

Will check that later.

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Please note it is $ baph not bath


That auto spelling correction was a little too arduous! :wink:

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lol, bad boy @bartatarch


Downloaded and installed.
Nice work.

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Will be installed tomorrow!


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