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Quick Q. When choosing a WM like OB from the installer, I noticed the menu within polybar is populated but the Openbox one has barely anything in it (a significant change from previous editions of AL). Is there a means to populate it other than manually adding things or using a generator? I thought you folks would keep the same menus you have always had?

Yep , you have to populate it @izzerial .

If you already have some OB file you can install it. Never did it that way, always went with OpenBox Menu.

Post this here rather than start a new thread.

Kudos again to Team ArchLabs for putting out a distro that is rather easy to get up and running.

Been testing another distor’s release, and it barfed twice during the install :crazy_face:. First time, it took my ArchLabs install with it - :rage: Second time, I wiped the all the drives to start clean and it still failed.

Each time, I had ArchLabs re-installed and usable (production mode) within an hour.

Good job Team ArchLabs.

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What was that disastrous distro so that I’ll make sure to stay away from…

VSIDO has a new release after a year-long hiatus. The installer is broken, fails a lot at the disk partition/format/mount phase. So the installation then fails because there is no target for installation.

The usual work around is to partition and format the target drive prior to running the installer, then just assign mount points, but that is failing on me now.

There are 3 IDE drives on this older system and I usually multi-boot without sharing the drives. This is the first time the installer formatted/wiped a drive that wasn’t assigned as a target for installation - epic installer failure there.

ArchLabs and Void install no issues so it’s not my hardware.

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Yeah, I kind of figured it wasn’t your hardware. What installer is VSIDO using? And hopefully you used rsync or timeshift before trying to install VSIDO. I usually back up my drives to my passport and also unplug drives that are not being used when installing other distros. I learned the hard way myself, until I finally got wise after wiping partitions a few dozen times…

Yes, I use rsync to back up to external drives, and I ssh (or nfs) into ArchLabs and use rsync to back up to a LVM (which I just completed on a nice, clean install).

VSIDO is using an installer built by Trios Linux; Debian based but without systemd, as I recall. The installer is a fork of the Semplice installer. I don’t know what the status is as far as being maintained.

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That was all @natemaia. Legend.