ArchLabs 2019.01 Refresh



The 2019.01.20 refresh is available.

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Thx to the team for the hard work here, appreciated.


Thanks @Dobbie03!!


Awesome as always


Hard work!!


Did a test install in a vm of the updated iso just to check the Obx, all cool. The only thing missing for me were the BL themes, but guess they are installable from the AL repos? Great work nonetheless. :slight_smile:


Indeed now it works great in virtualbox and vmware, I don’t know what you have done but you did well, and the install is somewhat faster than before.


We have trimmed down to just the one theme. As you say you can grab them from the Repo.


Last night I did a clean installation on a pc for home. It works perfectly. Thanks team!!


wow, nicee @Negata


Some old school wallpapers there !


Yes, I didn’t remember that wallpaper. I always liked it. And about the installation, the only differences regarding my laptop are alacritty and the kernel on the pc.


@natemaia @Dobbie03

Great work on the new release. You guys really got me with the luks encryption/systemd-boot with the new installer and baph. I’m blown away with y’all’s work. I feel like now AL has the best offerings out there in the archlinux desktop realm.


Thanks man, really appreciate it.


Well here I go again, playing with the new release! Great job guys!




Great work!
Link to medium in first post is dead, though.


Yeah, I’ll remove that. Rather than bother with a blog all news will just be posted at the AL front page.