ArchLabs 2018.12 Release


How did it go?


I have my ears crossed…well did it work?


All well so far, still early days though. :slight_smile: Arch is a bit out of my comfort zone (I am a Debianite of the conservative kind :D), but I have followed ArchLabs for quite a while and I must say that I am impressed with the development so far. The last incarnation of the installer were nothing but a pure joy to use. Kudos to the dev!!! Though my choices were “nothing weird” during the install everything seemed very straight forward. The choice of bringing in a tty log in feature is just one of those small things that convince me and that I love. And the possibility for me to choose default applications to my Openbox is just fantastic. The overall experience so far just oozes of quality. After many years with Openbox, mostly #! and BL I do not configure it much, I keep it simple and austere. Will try to stop by here and keep in touch with you guys a little bit more in the future. By the way, landed the iso in a Thinkpad T400 with a ssd, now an old low spec relic in computer years. But still very very smooth. :slight_smile:

Edit; I were surprised that there were no live session though, but after thinking about it is just a sign of confidence of the work that has been made and not necessary in the end. If you really want it, install, try it out for real and then decide. Also + for the several WM choices. And another quality sign is the long time gap between isos, like there is no need to fix things in the existing one. Ok, I stop here before you fall asleep. :wink:


Glad that the install went good & that you like AL @orionH


Venerable old boy :slight_smile:


I feel lucky now, T420 with upgraded cpu :wink:


Welcome to our forum @orionH. Glad you’re here. But we must warn you, our aim is to get you hooked with AL that it will be your go to system. Hang around us long enough, and you will never leave! :grin:


No problem, as long as it is sweet and cool like “Hotel California” :wink:


A little ‘Hotel California’, a little ‘Life in the Fast lane’ but it’s all good!

Once in a while, a ‘Desperado’ shows up but they’re few and far between…



I m more on ‘Life in the Fast lane’ lol


Bit o’ both here :grin:


This is scary when you use music to describe people or group environment. And, it’s true! :grin: