ArchLabs 2018.12 Release


Only in a week? It’s very good!!


Thank you all for the quick answers.
If I can express my opinion, I prefer to have a live.
But it is only my opinion and does not count for anything.
Ps) @Dobbie03 I did not answer you, because I found you here.


Downloading right now, better late than never right ! lol


Structured and increasingly beautiful work fellas… Working flawlessly (as usual) Thanks Guys!


Little worried about the lack of a live environment though.


We will see how the feedback goes. So far nothing to worry about.

Thanks for the kind words.


The only issue that I can see with not having live environment or tty, is when you can’t get into your system and you need to mount partitions to make changes.


For more advanced users that shouldn’t be an issue. The command line is the way to go in that instance.


Duh! Forgive me for not thinking of that. Good grief, I think my two brain cells left the building. Time for bed I guess. Thanks for the reminder @Dobbie03


Congrats with this wonderful release. Some people complain about the non graphical installer. I don’t. It’s perfect. It covers every aspect of the install perfectly. It even installs an anti tearing script in xorg.conf.d for my internal intel graphics card. Something I did not see in other distros. The one thing I did not like so much is that the fonts in the Firefox browser bar. The fonts are too big :wink: A minor issue and easily solved. There’s also no option to select the correct keyboard (international with dead keys). Had to set it afterwards. All in all, I think it’s an almost perfect arch based distro!


Thanks for the kind words. Really happy to see you are loving ArchLabs.

I don’t understand how the installer turns people off. If it is not overly complicated and does the job properly, who cares if it is a CLI or GUI based installer?


I don’t care if it doesn’t have GUI anymore since it’s pretty easy and straightfoward to install, but to people who come from Ubuntu or Manjaro, that could be scary.


Finally able to access the forum again. It’s been a while :smiley:
Just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome work.
I’ve been running AL as a primary distro for about a year, and since my system needed a good clean-up I took the opportunity to make a fresh install as this new version came out.
Best AL release ever. Loved the installer.
Got my system up and running in no time, just had to copy-paste my old BSPWM config and set a few minor things.
Blazing a fast and ultra lightweight, just the way I like it.
Keep it up!


If it wasn’t for the live environment, i wouldn’t have ended up being an AL user.
I think live environment is a necessary feature.
Thanks AL for building up such a nice distro using their valuable time.


Sometimes them coming here is a scary thing…depending on the user :smiley:

I think people get to used to a GUI styled installer and the CLI and it’s look scare them off.

It has, welcome back.

If we have any major negative repercussions we may look at reinstating it but for now we are totally happy how it is.


IMO live environments are overrated. You always end up with a chosen dekstop which you might not even chose on install. It has become a habit for distros to have one, but personally I like the ArchLabs installer very much. It’s clean and fast and covers every aspect of the install. You even end up with the DM you want (g)


I can understand some people complaining about not having a live environment. Some just want to take a brief tour and try a distro before installing. To me it’s a minor thing, if I wanted to try something out I’d just set up a Virtualbox.
To be honest I don’t get the fuss about the GUI installer vs CLI.
It’s just about pressing Enter and the arrow keys instead of clicking a mouse, seems very straightforward to me :slight_smile:


I agree 100% You want to try out a distro? Just install it in a vm.


GUI vs CLI installer isn’t really an issue, I agree @alexm. The ‘brief tour’ thing is correct imo, and to say just install in a vm is to forget that vms don’t particularly show you how that distro and your hardware run together very well.

I’m guessing AL is really for non-noobs who know about WMs and DEs and have enough experience of various linuxy things to know how their hardware will run on a given distro?

And that’s totally fair enough. There’s other Arch based distros out there that are more set up to teach Arch to beginners :slight_smile:


Pretty much it basically @DatNobleSavage


Exactly this. You hit the nail on the head.