ArchLabs 2018.12 Release


I’ve been with the new version for a day and I’m amazed. Apart from that I have not had problems installing it, I would like to review the archlabs-installer, because it is clean, clear and precise. Congratulations for all your work!


Looking forward to try it out, thanks, and Happy holidays everybody! :slight_smile:


Thank @Dobbie03, @natemaia, and all staff.


You bloody lovely person Dobbie!


@ector don’t forget Nate and the rest of the team.

@DatNobleSavage, thank you though I am sure there are some who would disagree.


From your change log:

no graphical live environment, you’re dropped into the console and go from there

I haven’t worked with it, but it is a fully functional cli environment isn’t it; like Slackware’s installation media? If so, that makes it an awesome choice for rescue media, disk prep, pen testing … that sort of thing.


Pretty much exactly that. You manually start the installer or you can do all your rescue, partitioning etc.


I wanted to understand better, so I have to do an installation like archlinux and then:
install the devel, user, W.M. etc etc
or is there an installer?


I’m not quite sure I understand what you are asking.


Have a look @ AL on youtube s thread, might help you there.

Just type in terminal from AL s latest iso



There is an installer.

Instead of booting to the usual live openbox session, you’ll boot to a console. You can start the installer with the command (archlabs-installer, I think).

from the AL home page:

We have decided to do away with the live environment. When you start your USB install you will be thrown straight into the installer.

Instructions on how to start the installer are right there. No need for passwords with this live USB either.

The installer goes through the usual steps to prepare the hard drives, system, etc …


Not having even an openbox live environment might stop manjaro/antergos/floating voters from trying AL, don’t you think?


Not too worried about that to be honest, we aren’t trying to pinch users from other distros. If they want to use AL I personally think that a lack of live environment won’t stop them from using AL.



I can only go on my own experience: I wanted to carry on using Arch but didn’t want to reinstall after trying out other distros for a while… and my reqs due to using an old T420 were a lightweight DE or maybe even WM.

Tried manjaro before and didn’t like their set up. Never tried antergos. Then Saw AL and that it used openbox in a live environment, with the option of this scary i3 thing plus others.

Took the plunge with the live environment and lo, I saw that it was good. I really don’t think I would have been so eager to try AL out without the live env bit… I’m probably an outlier though tbh, but I just wanted to give my experience.

Maybe I would’ve ended up doing vanilla arch and making a slower transition from Gnome (yak) or xfce (meh) but I’m glad that at that time AL had openbox to try, because I’ve met an awesome bunch of people, innit :slight_smile:


Good call. My feeling is that there are shitload of amazing screenshots out there showing what AL looks like. Like I said, I do think that if they really want to use AL they won’t worry about the lack of live environment.


Fingers crossed! I <3 AL haha



That’s the downloads for the week. Can’t be too many people worried about the live environment :smiley:


Blimey! That’s awesome!


Oh, ddidn t know that, pretty good @Dobbie03 .


I was one of the 6,233. I like the installer, kind of similar to what you work with when installing vanilla arch. I ran into black screens when setting up the partitions and mounting them. But before blacking out, I got a glimpse of the dialogue box. So I just hit enter, then the installer would continue to the next step. After setting up the partitions, no more black screens. The installer is much faster and no more rebooting before installing the packages. But the installation of packages from the installer isn’t as involved the previous versions of AL. Many things are different from the previous versions. Reminded me more to installing the vanilla arch. :thinking: