ArchLabs 2018.05 Release

Hi ArchLabbers, @nate and I are pleased to announce the latest ArchLabs release, 2018.05.

Read the release announcement here:

Any issues, you guys know the drill :smiley:



Thank you! :v::metal::joy::+1:
And once again thank you very much for this great work of balancing AL!!!

I’ll check it out now! :eyes:

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Its awesome! Congratilations! How should I update locally? What is proper way of doing this?

2 questions:

  1. I do not agree with that! :thinking:
    Who has a bug is the user… :joy::joy: ABIF is simple and perfect! !!
    But if it is to improve what is already good, let the improvements come!!!

  1. About LightDM

Operating system without initial security does not sound good … but …
I know and everyone knows that anyone who knows and uses Linux knows how to turn (theoretically speaking) and a simple installation should never be a problem, remembering that this is just my opinion, not a tip or some kind of imposition!

And in case you bring back the LightDM, should we look for the default for AUR for example or will you have some in the official git respositories like “al-lightdm” with the theme that the 2018-03 release brings?

First of all I thought it was sensational !!
These are just common doubts … of uninformed people… :joy:

Arrived fast!
I’ll leave it sown to help the folks!

Close to perfect!

LightDM is available in the Al-Hello script. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what percentage of people auto-login but I know I never use a DM, neither does @nate and AL has always been the system we would use ourselves.

Thankfully our base is mostly competent users who can work stuff out for themselves :smiley:

Thank you, the more seeders there are the better!

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Thanks for the answers!! :+1:

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Just update as usual.

  1. On the previous ISO, there was a beautiful graphic in the terminal, why has this been replaced?

Secondly, upon locking the screen, instead of the white circle that goes with the theme, it has been replaced with the generic “green for good” “red for wrong” color scheme.

How might I fix this ?

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Because Neofetch is quite heavy and @nate spent the time creating this info script which looks just as good as Neofetch, if not better.

Regarding your question about i3lock, you will probably need to edit the config.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

One last thing, the previous ISO had a theme for rofi called “default”. I’m trying to find it and use it on the new ISO, does it have an actual name?

The default theme in 2018.03 was the archlabsdark theme. This time we went for a light alternative.

Just a heads up:

All the rofi themes are stored in


In the obmenu there is an option to choose the theme.

AL has already been announced in Brazil
ArchLabs Wins New Version -> Site Always Update (SempreUpdate)

Wins, as in a wheel of fortune?

I kid.

Awesome man!

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Really changed… :joy:

Yup its because of the deprecation of gksu. If you want to open Thunar as root run it from terminal either as “pkexec thunar” or “sudo -i thunar”.

I tried this new version, but why the default background color of the jgmenu is now white? How to have the same color as the previous version of the jgmenu (for a dark theme)? Like Dark Vador, i prefer the dark…theme! :grin:
But still it’s an excellent suggestion to have put “lock” and “exit” in the Jgmenu.

Just did a clean install. Pretty smooth process. Couple of issues -

  1. Installing the nvidia drivers (I think) from the welcome screen borked my install. Xorg no screen detected on reboot so no X. Rather than track down an Xorg error, just did a second install and skipped the nvidia install. Have a functioning openbox session now.

  2. The “Exit to Prompt” on jgmenu and “logout” from the rofi exit menu do exit openbox, but log the user right back into X, so for a default install, those options really don’t do what they’re claiming to do. I’ve never used this method to auto login (part of the reason for a clean install) is that auto loging loop suppose to be happening, or is a tweak in order for a user to log out of X?

@Jambalak thank you. You will need to edit the jgmenurc and change the colours there.

@PackRat, I think @nate is better qualified to answer here.