ArchLabs 2018.02 Release Available


The 2018 release for ArchLabs is available for download.

Read about it at the release announcement:

Download links are ready and waiting:





I am downloading the torrent now and will be seeding it indefinately.


Is there anything an existing installation should do? Last time I ran the upgrade-archlabs script from the Archlabs-User-Home github repo.


The torrent link was broken for me, but it was easy enough to go to your Sourceforge page and download it directly.


Great news!..downloading now…




indeed,no torrent link?

As in: I’m up-to-date and don’t want/need to install, but I always want to have a (few) linux torrents running. Spread the awesomeness 'n all :stuck_out_tongue:


I updated my install USB, then seeded ArchLabs most of the morning. :smile:


Am I missing something, where is the torrent link?


HERE is the direct torrent link from Sourceforge.


Thanks! Seeding now.


I’ve updated the Downloads page and updated the torrent link.

Not sure what happened as it was linking okay last night.


No just update as normal with Pacman -Syu


Was there a hiccup when it was first released? I tested it, but I kept getting “expected 2, got 3” when trying to mount /boot Never had that issue before. Just curious. :slight_smile: