I need archlabs-2017-10-lts.iso file , could someone please upload a torrent to linuxtracker ? There is one uploaded there but it has no seeders available.

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Is there a particular reason why you want such an old release?

It was one of the version I used to install on my laptop ( it worked for me ) but lost the USB that had the ISO. So if available would appreciate a copy .

Have you had issues with the latest ISO? If you haven’t tried that I would suggest you install that.

I will try that too
Is there any chance to get my desired ISO as well?

I can’t give you the LTS kernel version but I can give you the other one. Let me upload and I will share a link.


Cheers. Good luck, this ISO is almost 18 months old. All I can say is you are playing with fire if you install this. :smiley: :fire:


Thank you so much for sharing the ISO Dobbie03 , I will be careful with it .

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Downloaded lts ISO from linuxtracker and installation went smooth… posting from fresh lts version installed ISO atm

Glad that some old iso goes better on older installs.