Archlabs 12.2018 Questions

Hey AL Team,
thanks for your work and this great update! installed it already (props to the sweet installer!) and got a few questions…
has the new “baph” a “search” function? if not i would love to "search for packages aswell with it…right now i am using yay for it…has baph any advantages over the other aur helpers?
can i still use pacli? (miss it a bit to be true?) :slight_smile:
linked the [Super]+[T] Hotkey accidentally to terminator instead of termite…how to change that afterwards
i love the new command line tweaks, but noticed sometimes a weird behaviour when i am pressing [del] to delete in front of the cursor. sometimes i start to change the line then to capital letters and cant get of this mode…maybee i did an [strg]+[a] stroke before this occured, but is there some more documentation about all the commandline tweaks?
where is the $TERM variable set?
i installed with al-hello nvidia drivers, any setup/conf script to use now for it or should i just go with official arch docs like usual?
is there a complete changelog from 12.2018

Great Christmas Present from you Guys!

1/ just wondering the same, I removed aurman for yay, was wondering what baph has to offer / lacks.
2/ Are you using i3, openbox or something else ? (I guess) the answer depends on it.
5/ On my asus laptop, I just installed them through al-hello and everything worked like a charm. Archwiki is probably enough.


I use baph since September `18 and i never want any other “AUR” helper. It is small, very efficient, but searching, i think not. But if you know what you want to install baph is the perfect way. ( for me)

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It’s much more minimal and simple (only 200 lines of script), most people don’t care about this, to them I suggest using something else like yay. I know all too well that it’s slow to check updates when you have many packages, I’m working on a solution for this but it is a way out still.

@n1ete I’ll just run through the list real quick

  1. see above.
  2. exo-preffered-applications
  3. depends what shell you’re using, for bash see ~/.bashrc ~/.bash ~/.inputrc, for zsh ~/.zshrc ~/.zsh, I’m already fairly sure you’re using bash, if you want stock remove ~/.inputrc or set the editing-mode to emacs (this is standard) we’re using vi-mode.
  4. nowhere, whatever your terminal sets it to will be what you get
  5. al-hello and other post install ‘helper’ scripts have been removed, it’s better if users learn to install and configure these things themselves to avoid issues later if things break.
  6. See here for a somewhat complete changelog
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