Archlabs 05.2020 unable to change window decoration

I can change the theme easily either using appearance in XFCE or lxappearance and the theme will change, however the actual window portion will including minimize maximize and close icons will not change off the default theme

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Dumb question, are you sure that Arc is compatible? It hasn’t been updated in a very long time.

Have you tried any other themes to test?

No pencil here, I removed a few things and figured it out.

Sorry for wasting your time and thank you for the distro, you can delete now :slight_smile:

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Glad you sorted it, what did you remove?

EDIT, I realised I had never changed the default setting for new users to be able to edit their posts. You should be good to go now :smiley:

damn, you’re good, it’s there now, sorry about the mess! I just removed archlabs themes and murrine and reinstalled both

Good work. Share a screenshot in the screenshot thread.

Welcome to ArchLabs by the way.

done :slight_smile:

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