ArchLab s Gitlab Link

Here s what I got , wonder if because I m not a Gitlab member .

Edit: mistakes

Stating an error occured while loading commit signatures.

Try this Link…

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Hey @TimApple , thx for the comeback in there, wonder if AL has some signature errors or it s only viewed from none Gitlab members.

I’m not sure, I can check with @AvnSgt and see. But that first link is for contributing the one I sent is just for viewing… at least I think

Ok thx, might be on none-members side then, never know.

Our documentation is in a bit of flux right now. I am working on setting up a way for our community members to contribute to it, and I have just finished the skeleton framework for it. From a staff member and contributor perspective, I am awaiting the other staff members to view it, and provide input, before I move forward with finalizing the work. Once it is finalized, I will be able to define the process for community members and users to contribute to the docs.

Good things come to those who wait :wink:

Thx appreciate the comeback here @AvnSgt . Just checked & noticed that.

Anyways, appreciate the efforts & work done by you guys.

Also tought there was a mistake on the signatures in there.