Arch or AL as a server OS

Hey all!

I am considering a new project for the upcoming weekend (since we get the extra hour Saturday night, lol) In any event, The project is to install an Arch server to replace my Debian server.
It’s pretty much just serving up files and a secondary use is I run SubSonic on it also.

It does require Samba but no other LAMP-type services. I was looking over this short tutorial to see what I might be in for (

That all being said, any recommendations on if it ought to be Arch or, AL?
Are there any other guides to reference for a server setup?
Has anyone setup an AL server?
Yes - I do realize the Arch Wiki (Server) points to the install process and does outline things to consider, but hoping for a little more “meat and taters” and I thought that maybe having a server thread might be a good idea (again, thinking of new folks).
Oh - no need for WM/DE since its a server and my access will of course be SSH.

I know some of the questions are not particularly important (just trying to ask questions that new folks might see as being important).


I’m sorry, but myself I would use a non rolling OS for a server.

I can tell you to use this that or the other thing, but it depends on the server you want to run and what you are looking for.

Likely looking for something very stable and long lasting. :wink:

I currently run Debian Stable. I’m not so worried about the fact that I am looking at it being a rolling release. The mere fact that there will be so little services running and no GUI removes a ton of possible issues that come with a rolling release.

The data is on a separate drive and is mirrored so this too removes a higher rate of lost data.
All that being considered, for a home server - I’m not that concerned about moving away from Debian. Above and beyond that, you are right on about the concerns if I were to use this in a more serious environment.

I was thinking of something along the lines of Fedora, Gentoo, ClearOS and likely a few more.

I’ve never run a server but there is a thread about this on the Arch forums:

If it was me, I would run Debian stable for it’s “fire & forget” nature — just set it up, enable automatic upgrades and leave it alone.


Why do you want it to be arch btw ? Anything missing with Debian ?
CentOS (or even Fedora) would be enough imho.

The official Arch installation guide and the Arch Wiki entries for the server you plan to configure. I don’t know how current howtoforge is.

Has anyone setup an AL server?

I have AL set up with some basic nfs file sharing; strictly home use - I use rsync to back up data from Void installs to ArchLabs. No problems with the AL install; AL is Arch with some bells & whistles and an easier install don’t know if one would be better than the other for your project.

I would not use Arch for any kind of production/commercial server. Better off with Debian, *BSD, or Slackware for that.

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I have to echo what others have said, why Arch for a server? Debian makes infinitely more sense with this application.

Deep down, I know and agree. I was just looking at alternatives and looking at creating some home projects for the winter months - lol

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