Arch (in general) freeze-ups

So a little history; For the past 10 days or so, I been testing our beta version. It worked well for the first several days … Then, freeze ups started to happen. Ok, no issues. I went back to the release. For a day or two, it was fine then the freeze ups presented themselves again. These were random Nothing special would bring it on and it would happen in some odd places. Changing some settings, or replacing a desktop image, sometimes just moving between 2 alacritty session - boom. Hard boot needed.

So Friday night I opted to install vanilla Arch. Low and behold, the LTS kernel does not appear to have the Realtek drivers for my ethernet nic. Ok, no biggy since I also install the latest kernel. But soon after, the freezing started up again.

Ok, Ok I though - this is starting to tick me off a bit. I wasted my Arch install for the new EndeavorOS - freezing began during the first attempted install, a reboot and the install went without issue.

Doing the basic stuff as mentioned earlier - freezing happened again, at random times. Even with zero AUR apps installed. Now I started to worry that my HP lappy was failing.

So over the past 4 hours, I installed Debian Testing, completely setup the system as I would anyways - ran through what would have froze the system up but damned if I can make if freeze.

So… my general question, has anyone experienced what I did under ANY Arch-centric system as of late? Don’t get me wrong, I love Debian but the though of having to use somewhat older programs (and actually, not finding the ones I prefer to use).

I’m just curious if this happens to be one of those times where Arch (in general) is whacked for a couple of weeks due to"anomalies" that may iron out with time.

Tis just me, under a temp Debian install (I hope).

inxi -Fxxxz might help…

I know you need to install inxi (use baph -i inxi)