Arch build infrastructure news


Thx for sharing @GreenMartian

It will certainly require much more resources/efforts to support more than one architecture (x86_64). Given Arch is not targeted the server market, I don’t think it’s necessary to support both x86_64 and x86_64-v? at the same time. It might be a better idea to leave the build optimization process to the end user side. For example, let pacman have another option (something like “–build_from_src”). When user issues,

$sudo pacman -S --build_from_src gimp

pacman will pull the source of gimp and relevant dependencies in the system and use whatever is defined in /etc/make.conf to compile & install the packages. Pacman would need to handle the build order though. We may then call it “Artoo”. :grinning:


Cool idea in a way, I’d like to automate the AL package building sometime.

@chroot makepkg basically already does this so it’s not a huge stretch to get something like you’re talking. Currently it’s pretty easy to build the packages etc, just tedious searching for the PKGBUILDs pacman could make it a lot easier but I don’t think it really fits the pacman style/purpose. The devs seem to like keeping different tasks seperate.


How to handle dependencies automatically is the problem in makepkg.

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