Arch Announces New Compression Scheme

Read about it here, apparently we shouldn’t notice any difference. If anyone strikes any issues post them here.


Thx for sharing @Dobbie03 .

Wasn t aware of that .


I wonder if AUR sources, like


should also be .pkg.tar.zst from now on.

Good question. You might have to ask over there at the Arch forum.

LOL, no, thanks. :slight_smile: I prefer Arch Wiki.

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:smiley: So do I .

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Guess that you should do it in a few weeks, when/if their system will be all on zst. @nwg

Only a suggestion here.

This will also be a good moment to send several Deletion Requests.

Yes @nwg

No that would be up to you what compression you want your archives to be, gzipped tars aren’t going anywhere. This is regarding the compressed package created by makepkg (not source archive).

Once libarchive is updated, packages built locally (like AUR packages) will be created as package.tar.zst so it would be up to the package maintainer when that transition happens. With baph I just did an update to support either for the foreseeable future.

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I expected so, but it’s good to have it confirmed by en expert. Thanks!