April 2020 Screenshot Thread

@subjunkie I understand. It happens to me sometimes



Fvwm with recompiled polybar so the workspaces module is working:


Top again @PackRat

With any special patch?

I didn’t have to apply a patch. There is a fix that was commited October 2019; I just cloned the main branch and recompiled.


Oh I see. Same happens to Waybar at the moment, so I installed the -git package.

I’m hoping the same is true for polybar-git in the AUR. Haven’t been on the ArchLabs computer yet. Hopefully tonight.

Yaxwm with inner/outer border colours:


Nicee @PackRat

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@natemaia is doing a most excellent job with yaxwm.


couldn’t agree more!

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@PackRat very nice job, i like it

It looks absolutely amazing. Do you have a link to that ncmpcpp config? I’d love to have it.

PS: +1 for Ulcerate. Their new album is absolutely amazing :grin:

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That you doing the woodwork?

Some great screenshots! It’s nice to see some use of polybar. I use conky and lemonbar for various bits and pieces, and keep meaning to look at polybar.

In other news, I’ve merged a tonne of changes for FVWM3 to master for per-monitor fixes via the DesktopConfiguration command. Feel free to test this, please.

I have not taken the time to customize yet.
I’m happy beeing back to Arch with openbox though :smiley:


Looks great @MaximusSeniorem

Thanks and yes totally agree about Ulcerate.

ncmpcpp config

I wish it was a restoration video I was watching on youtube

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It is May here in Future World.

Please continue in the May thread.

Nice dog; what is that breed again?

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