April 2020 Screenshot Thread

Well it is week one of four in lockdown here in NZ, with it comes April.

Continue from March.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

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(thanks to hhh from the BunsenLabs forum for the tip!)

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@philT, don’t forget that ncmpcpp config!

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Where should I post it Matt?

Here is all good man, maybe via pastebin or teknik paste?

Here it starts. From our march to your april.
Yaxwm, alacritty, tmux, mpv, glava


Very cool Dima!

Thanks @Dobbie03
It should be screencast to see how nice glava circle looks on top of cover art.
To be continue…

I want to check out Glava! But later, first work then play :smiley:

Ok, a couple of things to note:

  1. I use xfce, and I have adjusted my config to align with my terminal colour palette so you may need to tweak things your end.
  2. this config may look like a mess, but it works
  3. I “removed” column text by just making it the same colour as my background (#131920)
  4. here are the hex values for my colour palette:
Greys = #394448
Light grey = #A0B1B1
Red = #65011F
Aqua = #00736F
Black = #131920
Blue = #93E0E3

And here is my config:

# Current config

# Connection
ncmpcpp_directory = "/home/pt/.ncmpcpp"
mpd_music_dir = "/home/pt/Music"
mpd_host = "localhost"
mpd_port = "6600"
mpd_connection_timeout = "5"
playlist_disable_highlight_delay = "5"
# Visualizer
visualizer_fifo_path = "/tmp/mpd.fifo"
visualizer_output_name = "FIFO"
visualizer_sync_interval = "60"
visualizer_in_stereo = "yes"
visualizer_type = "spectrum"
visualizer_color = 7,5,8,3
#visualizer_color = 246,245,244,243,242,241,240,239,238,237,236,235

visualizer_look = "||"

# Columns
#song_list_format = "$6· $6{%a}|{%D}$6 · $6%t $R $6l"
song_list_format = "$5· $5{%a}|{%D}$5 · $5%t $R $5l"
#song_status_format = "{{%a{ $6·$9 %b{, %y}} $6·$9 }{%t$/b}}|{$b%f$/b}"
song_status_format = "{{{$5%a$9}} $8-$9 {$8%t$9}|{$0%f$9} { $8-$9 $3%b$9}}}"
##Original##song_columns_list_format = "(3f)[white]{} (5f)[250]{n} (3f)[239]{} (35)[246]{t|f} (18)[blue]{a} (30)[green]{b} (7f)[246]{l}"
#song_columns_list_format = "(5f)[250]{n} (35)[246]{t|f} (18)[blue]{a} (30)[green]{b} (7f)[246]{l}"
song_columns_list_format = "(5f)[250]{} (3f)[239]{} (35)[246]{t|f} (18)[blue]{a}(30)[green]{b} (7f)[246]{l}"
#song_status_format = "$b $8%a $8•$3• $3%t $3•$5• $5%b $5•$2• $2%y"
#song_list_format = "$3·$5 {%a}|{%D}$3 · $5%t $R $5%l"
#song_list_format = "{$5%a$9 $1│$9 $8%t$9 }|{ $8%f$9}$R{$5%b $7}"
song_library_format = "{%a $8-$9 }{%t}|{%f}"
now_playing_prefix = "$8$b ♫ ➤"
browser_playlist_prefix = "playlist"
#selected_item_prefix = "$5"
#selected_item_suffix = "$9"
song_window_title_format = "{%t}|{%f} - {%a}"
# Various
playlist_show_remaining_time = "no"
playlist_shorten_total_times = "yes"
playlist_separate_albums = "no"
playlist_display_mode = "columns" #classic
browser_display_mode = "columns" #classic
search_engine_display_mode = "columns" #classic
discard_colors_if_item_is_selected = "no"
incremental_seeking = "yes"
seek_time = "1"
autocenter_mode = "yes"
centered_cursor = "yes"

progressbar_look = "●●"

progressbar_color = "red"
progressbar_elapsed_color = "green"
#progressbar_boldness = "yes"
enable_window_title = "no"
user_interface = "classic"
header_visibility = "yes"
statusbar_visibility = "yes"
titles_visibility = "no"
header_text_scrolling = "yes"
cyclic_scrolling = "no"
lines_scrolled = "2"
follow_now_playing_lyrics = "yes"
show_hidden_files_in_local_browser = "no"
jump_to_now_playing_song_at_start = "yes"
clock_display_seconds = "no"
display_volume_level = "yes"
display_bitrate = "no"
display_remaining_time = "no"
regular_expressions = "extended"
ignore_leading_the = "no"
block_search_constraints_change_if_items_found = "yes"
mouse_support = "yes"
mouse_list_scroll_whole_page = "yes"
external_editor = "vim"
use_console_editor = "yes"
colors_enabled = "yes"
empty_tag_color = "white"
header_window_color = "black"
state_line_color = "black"
state_flags_color = "black"
main_window_color = "243"
main_window_highlight_color = "white"
statusbar_color = "black"
active_column_color = "blue"
active_window_border = "blue"
volume_color = "cyan"

Getting conky and other desktop type windows to play nicely. Config’s not mine so forgive the errors, I’m lazy.

Tile move/resize + spam


Nice shots in there people !

Thanks @philT I’m gonna have a play around with this one.

Looking good!!

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The very beginnings of BSPWM



What’s that bar under the status bar? @PackRat

Nothing really new, still fucking around with ncmpcpp trying to get it right.



This is what my home wifi network used to be called. :smiley:

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Nice @Chris @PackRat @Dobbie03 @subjunkie