April 2018 Screenshot Thread

Well it is April here in New Zealand. The March screenshot thread was the biggest yet. It’s really great to see.

As usual:

Share your dots and walls please, this saves people having to ask. Best way to do this is to have a link in your signature.

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Well lets get the ball rolling I guess… here is where I am as of today, did reinstall just yesterday.


Hahaha, I love that dancing parrot in the terminal.

Same as last month. Love this colour scheme and theme too much to change



dwm_clean.md.png dwm_term.md.png

dwm, i3status for system information.

full size wallpaper

Nice Nate and I have been playing around with dwm too.

I need to get your sand colour scheme and port it over to dwm. That should look really good; nice and subtle so it won’t be overly distracting.

@PackRat I haven’t added it to dwm yet so when you’re done I wouldn’t mind borrowing your settings if that’s okay :smiley:


My Alpine Linux system, back from the dead :slight_smile:

APKBUILD for dwm here:


And I suppose I should really post the PKGBUILD as well:


A binary package can be found here:


My fork doesn’t do Xinerama but dwm.c is ~700 lines shorter.

For best results use the Greybird Gtk theme.

Looking good HoaS. I have never used Alpine. Time to check it out.

no problem - pertinent part in the screenshot; as always a work in progress:


Nice! Thanks man.

Me again, would you mind please throwing that whole config into pastebin/gist? Just want to figure out keybinds.

EDIT @PackRat no need, trolled through your dots and found them :smiley:

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Just uploaded to git - note that I use the systemtray and focusonclick patches for my dwm so a couple lines at the beginning won’t work for you and “make” will fail if you just drop it in.

Got ya, thanks for that.

my fishing hole is the wallpaper. you have to have a 4x4 to get to it.

what I caught today

Nice Brown there @cog . I used to flyfish often when I was younger…almost daily. I took up tenkara recently to simplifiy things when I get a chance to hit the water. Usually on a lunch break for like 30 minutes.

Maybe we should have a AL meetup in @Dobbie03 's neck of the woods…Big trout on the south island in NZ

I’m all for something like that!

Nothing special for April. Just change the wall and the conky. Wall --> Karl Schneider -->Deviantart / Conky -->little modified version of one of Dobbies old conky. (one of them)