Apprently XFCE can be run on Wayland


Everyone here knows how much I hate XFCE, but lately, I find it the most stable DE compared to GNOME and Plasma. Plus it’s modular, need a power manager? Use XFCE’s. Want tiling? Use i3 in XFCE, you can even use Awesome. Want to use tint or polybar instead of XFCE’s panel? Go ahead, you have a GUI autostart. Want to use Openbox instead of xfwm? Easy.

I just hate Whisker, but you can use jgmenu or rofi or Albert or whatever launcher you want. Or a dock.

Plus keybindings are easy to configure too.

I’ve never really ever spent much time with XFCE. Doesn’t do much for me now but back in the day I loved Gnome2.

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Odd words being that AL has it in their skels lulz.

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Yeah, I used a lot of the XFCE utilities like the appearance manager but I never bothered with the DE itself.

I thought you behind it’s aesthetic? Dark.

I don’t use XFCE in AL. Only use it with MX, and I was using OB in MX prior to their latest.

I use MX because I like to use a distro that is Debian based, but not as stubborn as pure Debian, if you know what I mean.

LOL, I am behind the Adwaita Dark theme :smiley:

I have moved away from anything XFCE based (except for Thunar) as it has been really unreliable for me, LXappearance handles all my theme related settings now.

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Hello, since my 3 years Linux journey I always ended up with an XFCE desktop. The speed of execution is too appealing for me, leaving no chance for Gnome and KDE.
I use Archlabs to test Bspwm easily, hoping the performance will improve again. I found some XFCE apps in Archlabs version of Bspwm. There is even the “about” window from XFCE. I love XFCE but I think that breaks the consistency here.

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Thx for sharing, I wasn t aware of that, but I must say that I never checked the latest linux news as I used too.

Interesting post in the replies then:

Afaik they plan to move to mutter.

That is an interesting move for those that follow the history as the author of the current WM for xfce is Olivier fourdan, who has since moved on… to work on mutter.

Running Gnome window manager in Xfce would be Gnome 2-ish.


Only use thunar and power-manager from XFCE.


Yeah that is true. I have moved on from DE’s but I definitely would have tried this a few years ago.


Awesomewm in Xfce is actually a nice set up. May still be able to find my screenshots of that. Running bspwm in Xfce is also nice. You can use the Xfce keybindings tool to set up the window manager bindings so key grabber like sxhkd no longer required.