Applying "deck" patch to dwm-6.1

OK, I think I got it. So Alt-Shift-c is grid. Alt-shift-g is “deck”, however, that is not the deck that dwm URL describes. Instead, it puts secondary windows in a single row BELOW the master. Deck, as described in dwm website, puts them in a single monocle container on the right side of the master. So I guess I need to figure out how to get that particular patch working … If you already have it, pl. post it. If you don’t, I’ll get stock dwm and build. However, I really hate to lose all the cool features in your fork (I have stock dwm on another machine, and it is meh compared to your fork).

Sorry this was a mistake by me, wrong layout index

-	{ MODKEY|ShiftMask,   XK_c,  setlayout,  {.v = &layouts[3]} },

should be

+	{ MODKEY|ShiftMask,   XK_c,  setlayout,  {.v = &layouts[5]} },

I would really recommend moving to stock dwm and build it up yourself, it’s much more fun that way.
I’ve long since moved on and have been writing my own wm for the last year.

Cool, I did notice the earlier double mapping, but could not figure out what was the correct thing. I corrected it, rebuild, and now it works! Thanks mucho man!

I would do that, but then I would lose all your cool touches in the fork. Simple things like per tag layout (stock changes layout on all tags at once), the different behavior of alt-tab, etc. I guess I could try to reverse engineer your touches into a stock dwm… Maybe I will try that. Also pl. allow us to use your new wm, I’m sure it would rock big time. I can be a guinea pig. I use dwm all day (or some other tiling manager like i3 or ratpoison). Thanks again man!

It’s not private or anything, theres a thread here on the forum.

Thanks. Looks super interesting. I will try it out on my laptop running linux mint, just for a different setup to see if all works. Will report if any issues arise.