Anyone Using Vivaldi Browser

Yeah that makes perfect sense. I don’t use any of those things anymore. I was well submerised in the Google waters but times have changed.

Though I have been tempted to swap out my iPhone for a Pixel phone.

This makes sense if you use the rest of their cloud stuff, as I do. I wouldn’t use iPhone even if they were free. :slight_smile:

I love my iPhone but I’m also missing Android.

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As a programmer I am offended to Android, but I still use it. :slight_smile:
We went off-topic, sorry.

hahahah yeah that was my fault. No stress.

A pretty good review on Vivaldi’s security.

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I have tried Vivaldi over the years not long after it was first released (reading about it on one of those “hot new thing” tech sites), and to me it shared the same sort of space as Opera. I look at Vivaldi as more of an “alternative” browser, and for someone who has a very keen distaste in menu’s and configuration, well I can install Vivaldi faster than I can set it up. Page after page of this and that for the sake of customization that really doesn’t bring any advantage over Firefox or Chromium (which is a lot more minimal) winds up making Vivaldi a heavier browser than the others. I don’t use any sign in options or added features that require them in any browser, even to save bookmarks.

“Freemium” is eventually going to sell user data, no matter the scale. How they setup the opt in or out always requires the end used to be savvy enough if they are concerned about privacy. Most don’t, I mean if they are browsing Facebook in a browser or any social media like Pinterest, Vivaldi gaining some revenue from the same user is fair enough game. Security should be setup beyond the browser anyway, most don’t, and if you’re using Windows, what’s the point.

One of the founders of Vivaldi previously made Opera. I use Vivaldi as my main browser for some time already, but that’s also because other Chromium based browser (except for Ungoogled) are meh. A lot of features I don’t use, but syncing and integrated note taking are two I do. For privacy and adblocking I still rely on Ublock, Privacy Badger etc.

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Yeah I remember that being one of the reasons why I checked it out all the way back in the day. Opera I just can’t bring myself to use, my main browser if Firefox, everything else is for other stuff like streaming and stuff that gets filtered in FF via all the extensions. I don’t do any stuff on mobile, and monetary transactions are usually with a petty online cash account I set up that only has money for stuff like Uber, I want to shrink my online footprint to where I don’t even exist on it.

I want it to be easy to disappear lulz:

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To finish off that Goodfellas clip with the Sex Pistols put me in the right state of mind for the upcoming day :wink:


One of the best films from Martin Scorsese, Nicholas Peliggi and Robert De Niro

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Yes, I knew that. Vivaldi is a great browser.

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I use it every now and again.

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Matt has got an update, seems like Vivaldi is shooting in their own foot now. He’s got a point imho. I switched to Iridium (rpm in the AUR). Good project, fully open source.


I used Iridium back when I used Windows, even in a portable package.

The dude in the YT vid needs to mix in a few salads. And a treadmill.

Yes Iridium is good, used it before, just switched back. Matt is ok btw. At least he has an opinion.

These days, almost all major browsers collect your data. They’re so eager to know what you’re browsing everyday.

Yes, so I closed down FF as much as possible (according to and try out the likes of LibreWolf and Iridium. But of course they don’t have a mobile version. Brave is owned by crypto venture capitalists, so it’s waiting for the rabbit to come out of the hat. All Chromium based browsers have a download bar at the bottom of your screen that’s about half a mile big (can use an extension to enable ‘normal’ functionality…) . So yeah, switching away from FF ain’t that easy :rofl:

It’s YT. Opinions are like calories on that platform.

I guess teh Linux cred on YT has to have one a bit more portly and with a beard. I’m just sayin’ lulz.

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When surf or qutebrowser has an adblocker, I will jump the boat.