Anyone Using Vivaldi Browser

Anyone using Vivaldi? Man it is so customisable it’s not funny. I know have a Surf type browser with a heap more function

No tab bar, bookmark bar or anything like that, I get a full screen browser.

I used to have it installed for about 10 minutes.

Now I have it just how I want it, it is reminding me more of the Opera of old.

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Tried it a while ago( mayby years ago) & wasn t my cup of tea.

I tried it about 6 months ago. They do a good job with it.

Updates and upgrades to the browser are regular. They are working hard to make it worth using.

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Thx for the info @Dobbie03 , might giv it a shot one day.

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Have you tried it with YouTube or other videos at all? Was really buggy with that when I tried it. Wasn’t much use for watching the sports highlights.

Good browser otherwise.

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I’ve watched a couple of YouTube vids. Seems ok so far. It doesn’t like Imgur for some reason but most other sites seem okay so far.

I use it for years on archlinux mate

If I remember correctly you tube works with:
But I must verify

Got the email about a new release - vivaldi webmail is actually pretty good if anyone is looking for a mail client; I don’t think it’s tied to gmail.

Installed the snapshot; pretty good, playing video.

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I didn’t know they had brought back the mail application.

Separate option; not sure if integrates into the browser yet.
Try to be privacy oriented like proton mail. I’ve pretty much replaced gmail with vivaldi.

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Got ya! Gonna check it out.

Have they added syncing bookmarks between devices yet? If I remember well, it was in early testing when I tried Vivaldi, months ago.

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They do sync :smiley:

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This is the main reason I stick to Chromium. Probably I still will, at least as long as my Chromebook is alive, but I’ll install Vivaldi again out of curiosity.

There are a few of reasons I don’t use Chromium

  1. It doesn’t scale nice with hidpi, I have to change my GTK font size to make the tab fonts readable but that inceases the size everywhere else.
  2. Too much browser, not enough web page i.e. I like just tabs only.
  3. It’s Chromium.


Well, I use Google drive, photos, docs, calendar and keep on the daily basis, so Chromium is the natural choice.