Anyone uses Cron & Anacron

As title states, anyone uses any of them & also, is it safe to remove those !

Thx & have a great one.

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I use cronie in the office, to launch my web scraper periodically. What do you mean by ‘delete’? On Arch it’s not installed by default.

Hey thx for the comeback @nwg

Oh, meant to remove it/them from my BL install which might have had come from Debian repo or such.

Can’t speak for Debian.

Ok thx, no worries, will try to check it out more.

What do you scrap for?

I try to use systemd timers for most of that now. I do think cron is easier to run custom scripts from your home directory though.

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Thx for the comeback @cog

Now that I remember to enable systemctl timers, I likely wouldn’t go back.
I likely hold the world recorded for wondering why I couldn’t run my scripts on timers. :thinking:

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I work for the PR dept. A part of the job is media monitoring, but it takes a lot of time and is boring as hell. So I decided to automatetheboringstuff. For several months now, our management has been bombarded with notifications during working hours on working days. In the rest of the time, the scraper starts less often. The country-wide, regional and local sites are being searched for different sets of key phrases.

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Finally decided to remove both of them, still running good after reboot.

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