Anyone succeeded in installing chromium-ozone?

As Chromium 83 gives me some video artifacts on Xwayland (black horizontal stripe blinks occasionally), I tried one more time to install chromium-ozone - and failed again. The AUR package was building for 1,5 an hour, and I gave up at 4 am. The binary from chaotic-aur refused to install (package either invalid or damaged). Has anyone of you ever seen chromium-ozone working? Or any other Wayland-ready Chromium version?

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I don’t use wayland but there’s this ungoogled-chromium-ozone in the aur, have you tried it?

Well, if I don’t find a binary, I’ll try tonight. However, I haven’t bought enough beer to wait for it to build. :slight_smile:


Building sucks. Does the regular Chromium 81 give you tearing? If it doesn’t you could get the 81 version deb package here, extract the files and link the binary to your $path

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen it a single time since I turned the laptop on 40 minutes ago. It’s difficult to predict when it’s going to happen.

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It turns out that the screen tearing on my triple-headed setup appears not in Chromium only. Enabling adaptive_sync in sway seems to resolve the issue, but it’s only available in the development version so far. Unfortunately the latter happens to freeze much too often. I’ll have to wait for sway 1.5.

If you have trouble building Chromium locally then you could open an account at the openSUSE Build Service and let them build it for you — for Arch packages you just have to upload the original source tarball and the PKGBUILD.

Documentation here:

FWIW, Firefox can be run without XWayland[0] and doesn’t tear at all under wlroots with my Vega iGPU. It also offers hardware acceleration with VA-API:

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Thx for sharing @Head_on_a_Stick . Wasn t aware of these on FF.

As said a post above, the problem finally seems not to be Xwayland-related. Use of AMD FreeSync, available in the development version of sway, seems to be a solution. What worries me, is the fact, that the -git version of sway/wlroots freezes on my machine. Hope they’ll fix it before the 1.5 final release.

For the screen tearing issue the answer is: kernel 5.7.6 After downgrading to 5.7.5, I have no more artifacts.