Anyone seen this problem with the install I've installed from this USB

Here’s the picture showing the error
Is it a problem my end or something else

Did you update the installer?

First thing I do at install is type in this: pacman -Syyy. Then after it updates, I type in the word installer. Never had any errors since I started doing that with the installer.

The first error indicates that the signature is not good

I installed AL the other day on an older test machine, I didn’t get that error message.

How old is this ISO and did you check the checksum of the download?

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This was this morning

I tried yesterday with the one I had on a USB from a month ago but this morning I downloaded a fresh copy and wrote to a new USB and got the same fault

About a month and the second time from this morning both show the same fault

I though It checked automatically for an update at least it says it doing that

I will give that a try over the weekend

I had installed from this USB privously but then I downloaded a fresh copy but they both show the same fault

I have seen errors like so when I don’t update for months, but after updating twice all the updated keys are pulled in and life goes on.

I am asking if you tried updating the installer, you have to be connected to the internet in order to do that. I use hard wire Ethernet for all my installations so I couldn’t tell you how to connect via wireless, but it very easy to do. After the ISO boots in, were you’re at the root prompt, type in pacman -Syyy. Then after it updates, type in at the prompt - installer. Just the word not the dash.

Then it takes you into the install process, which it looks like you already have done.

My phone provides the Internet though a USB it is automatically recognised, I will give it a try again over the weekend

Gotcha, give us an update when you try it.

I may leave it a few days and try again see if it works I have a second hdd that runs rebornos so there’s no hardship if I have to wait for a few days

As some stated above, please have a look at this thread, looks related to your issues you re having.

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I tried Reborn ages ago and their installer at the time always borked out on me lulz.

Thanks I will have a look later

No problem my friend.