Anyone here use eGPU?

I have a laptop and an nVidia card hooked up through an EXP GDC 8.4d eGPU. I’ve tried using bumblebee but it wasn’t easy and ended up having to do a lot of work to debork my laptop after the failure.

What I want is to be able to use the eGPU when at home, and still have AL run when I’m mobile, on the iGPU (not an optimus laptop…). Currently having to use Mint when I want to play Morrowind (OpenMW ftw!).

Has anyone else got experience of this sort of set up? Just seems like Arch doesn’t feel the need to play nice with nVidia (tbh if I could sell my 970 for an AMD equivalent then I’d do it lol).

Cheers for reading <3

Heard about it, but never used it as for now, never know.

Never heard of Morrowind? Blimey!

Nop, no tech here on my end ! lol

One thing I heard is that nVidia & Linux don t go well together sadly.

I have a nvidia 8600. I haven’t had any unusual issues with using my GPU. I’m wondering if you have all the necessary drivers and support packages installed, and that includes lib32 support files. Just a hunch…

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You re a lucky one @sevenday4 , loads of people have/had issues with nVidia on Linux.

It helps when one has some knowledge of Linux , but for the ones coming out of ms it might be an issue or if one has a perticular nvidia card that s not much supported on linux might be a problem.

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Yes that’s true on both accounts. But when I do run into issues with my GPU, I can pretty much work around it. But if your GPU isn’t supported by Linux, well to put it bluntly, sucks!

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You bet @sevenday4 . I would not like to be caught with a card like that.

@DatNobleSavage , please post output from terminal from this command, might help somehow, never know:

inxi -G

I’m slowly working my way back to testing it again. I’m gonna put aside some time to clone my AL partition and test. Will run through the arch wiki bumblebee page. I really want to stream and record coding sessions but the ol’ HD3000 chip just isn’t up to it lol

Hey cool, make some updates when you ll get there @DatNobleSavage . Might be lots of work, but get rewarded afterward right !

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