Anyone here use Docker? Read this


Interesting read indeed. Their communication is Canonical-like clumsy. Anyway, there are remarkable things happening in Open Source. Here in the article is the suggestion to move over to Github, but that’s owned by Microsoft. Wonder when they’ll start charging. GitLab is apparently unprofitable? Thought I read it somewhere. Flathub is currently serving 88Tb, almost 900 million HTTP requests and 700K downloads everyday. That’s gotta be paid sometime, I guess. Only a matter of time before corporate steps in.


I don t use it but it sux !

I approve the use of 420 :smoking: as the yearly subscription cost. Hehe.

In all seriousness though it sucks but I’m not surprised, with the rise of OSS these companies won’t be able to sustain the costs of hosting all that data for every mom’n’pop operation out there. It’s only gonna get worse.


I wonder if it will affect base images. Like Debian, Ubuntu, Arch. That’s gonna be a bad mistake on their part. I’ve already switched to podman though.

I don’t use Docker & frankly wouldn’t know what it is.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Linux (or part of it, for example, some pkgs) is not free anymore in the future.

Bet that it s in the plans sadly.

It seems they have changed their mind.