Any vapers around here?

This is what I plan to get in the next few days. Was planning to get a Gen X but seeing this one made me change my mind. If any vapers around, please share you opinion and what do you use yourself.


Not on my end @drLobes
Don t smoke either, usually I make people smoke more! lol


My wife and daughters use devices with similar tank, and they like their e-cigs. If it comes to me: I need to have everything under control. I use Vaporesso Armour Pro:

with 2 ml Cerberus atomizer:

Both bought 2 years ago, still work well.

[edit] I read through the description you linked. It seems to have everything man needs.

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Never tried and probably will never try either. Think most of them are banned in the states now.

I tried the e-ciggies, about a month after recovering from surgeries, but to me shopping for vape or e-smokes and managing them is a huge pain in the hole. Finding the right combo of juice and batteries, I am like “F-that, just give me pack a Parliament Lights” and I am out the door. I smoke rollie tobacco, not the Top or Bugler “jailhouse” tobacco but the good shit, shag. It’s hard to find where I live because not as many Europeans live down here like they do up in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and the smoke shops only stock up when Coachella Fest is in town. Although a lot of Germans travel here DURING SUMMER. WHEN IT’S 125 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. EVERY SUMMER. They actually prefer the heat lulz.

I find vapers at least down here more annoying than smokers, blowing huge clouds of pumpkin or blueberry vapor anywhere they can, they are super arrogant about it. At this one bar where all the “Vape Bros” gather and blow clouds like it was a dick measuring contest, I’d smoke a cigar just to make a point, like “These are what grown ups smoke”. I’d laugh doing gigs with cats who vape, they are bumming SPARE BATTERIES, off each other lulz. “Hey bro, you have a spare charger or battery?”.

What slammed the door on I thinking about going to vape, other than the possibility of device blowing up on you and firing the mouthpiece though the head - which I have read happened with those who modded the coils super hot, and basically put a loaded gun into their mouths and pulled the trigger - was when “I use FreeBSD now” guy switched to vape. Think about the hugest dooshbag talking all day about his juice and coils, then blowing huge clouds all over the place. He actually said “I vape now”, when I asked if he had a light.

Never thought about vaping after that.

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LOL, he’s everywhere.


I run a dicodes dani tube with a kayfun lite on top. MTL with 24mg salt.

I was a smoker for 15 years and they’ve just gotten too expensive, not to mention the other issues. I mix my own juice and run rebuildables now which keeps the cost down.

Anything from lostvape is usually good quality and I’d recommend grabbing it.


This one looks cool, one that you can carry in your pocket. The “I use FreeBSD now” guy carried a kit that was like a fanny pack (yeah, he had a vape fanny pack, I can’t make this guy up) that he would break out just to reload every “vape session”. I can understand the benefits of vape, but to me it’s all about convenience and cost. As well as availability, although there are quite a few custom vape shops in my town.

@nwg Yeah, we “man” don’t need much, just a bit of poison and we’re happy :grin:

@drummer I plan to use it mostly at home so I won’t be bothering anyone with my clouds :crazy_face:

@natemaia I’ve been looking at Danis but they are a bit pricey for a vape-beginner, only started 3 weeks ago with an older Joyetech eGO, now upgrading to LV Ursa, this should do me for a while.
I’m using a local brand for liquids, very tasty and free of shitty chemicals: King’sDew tobacco flavours

I placed my order today, this will be my new toy, and I’ve got the adaptor to use othe atomizers if need be:


To be fair, I am talking the local bars around here, where local Brobags hang, whether they vape or not. Brobags are the tatted up Bro types who say stuff like “Bro, I put a Bro stamp on him bro”, while blowing a huge cloud of Bro spice.

They are indeed, can’t say I’d recommend them given the price. I vaped on a cheap $25 tube and a clone rta from china. It finally kicked the bucket and I decided to splurg on myself.


Apart from the design, do you see/feel a big difference that you could say makes it worth the price?

Holy smokes, the price:


Wow, smoking or vap are luxuries since a few years.

Looks like everything are getting too expensive.

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Thats the cheap one, I was first looking at this one, and its without atomizer and batteries and charger…

Its just this brand, otherwise you can find good mods for everyone’s wallet.

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Oh, makes sense @drLobes


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I must confess that I was a vaper for 2 or 3 years, don´t remember exactly. These days I only smoke pot once in a while, specially before order some pizza or a good hamburger :pizza: :hamburger: LoL


lol, I m getting on their nerves !

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