Any other Foundation fans here? Check this out


It is not starwars :wink:
Do you have read all book foundation ?
My favorite is robot collection book.
My be if i like this trailer, i will start the first book tome.
Thanks for the link sharing.

I’m halfway through the book. A very interesting read. Apparently the Foundation series was a huge influence on George Lucas for Star Wars.

I’m part way through book 1 :smiley:


I have mixed feeling about this one…
Th e photography seems on point, but it seems to me that this is going to be an original story not told by Asimov taking place when Seldon start to put the Foundation in place…

(I’m a reaally big fan of the foundation serie - Asimov in general)


which ‘book 1’ ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

You are probably right. We shall next year when it releases.

Read the books long long ago. Forgot most things. Thanks for the post, will check out the TV series. Hope they will include the Mule at some point.


I noticed he was notably absent from the cast listing.

I wonder if the plan is to have each season cover one book.

That would be nice. I hope the producer of this Series will do a fine job and ignite interest in Asimov’s great works especially for the next generation. Dune was my favorite but it was a disaster on screen. Couldn’t even get Mrs. Columbo here to take a remote interest in Sci Fi literary works because of it.

Sort of like how they did with The Witcher…sort of. It would make sense for them to do a book per season.

Hopefully the new upcoming version will fix that.

David Goyer (original Blade trilogy, Dark Knight trilogy) is the main screenwriter, so it could be pretty good.

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I can only pray.

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Yes, that got my hopes up when I saw that but gotta keep my expectations low so I will be pleasantly surprised.

Not to hijack the thread but I also hope Hollywood would give some proper love to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind by Hayao Miyazaki.

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I didn’t take the time to read the books yet, but there was a tv-series in 3 part that was not that bad… I couldn’t give you references in order to find it though…

As Dobbie said… lets hope the new movie schedule this year is good :smiley:

Since this is turning into a SF adaptation thread, there’s also Electric Dream’s partly produced by Bryan Cranston (who’s in an episode, which is one of the best of the series in my opinion), 10 one-hour-ish long episodes based on Philip K. Dicks short stories.

they are not perfect adaptations, but I recommend them. each episodes are not equals in quality though

That tv-series was ok but not good enough for the Mrs.
:crossed_fingers: on the new movie.

Philip K. Dicks is another one of my favorites, will check them out when I have more time … for myself LOL.