Any Motorsports Fans!


Looked like a good bike !


The exhaust pipe always I’ve called it leg-burning


lol, yep it was the case of some bikes then right !


WRC Sweden 2019



F1 s 2019 s practice starts today.


Except for the Williams team. :smiley:


lol, it s what I heard of, so sad in a way, , used to be the team to beat, hopefully they ll do better than last year !


To bet on pay drivers was a bad idea. On the other hand - we still don’t know if they have any car at all this year. :wink:


Yep , hate the idea of paid drivers, but it s not new in F1. I can t imagine paying in order to work, but when you re rich or have big sponsorships, kills it I guess.


I heard that Williams engineers are still searching some missing parts.


lol, bad boy ! Or some parts got lost in the mail.


They say Robert started testing anyway.



lol, bet that they ll have less issues with this newer product !

Edit: bet that Williams should do the Tour now, thay can get some bikes from one of the manufacturers , less isuues ! lol Hopefully they ll practice today !


Tomorrow afternoon, “unless something goes wrong”. It stops being funny.


Wow, was that what Williams annonced ! Haven t seen or watched it.


Nothing but rumours, as far as I know. Plenty of news on that here, due to Robert Kubica.


lol, yep

Also Racing Point had the least laps yesterday, will check this later on.It s today s practtice, we might have some news on Williams.


From yesterday:


Seats not yet ready.